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Travel-and-Leisure For nature enthusiasts and wildlife fanatics, Jim Corbett Resorts are a perfect way of spending a holiday. From parks, hotels, and river side resorts to tantalizing food and breathtaking sceneries, one is guaranteed to enjoy the best of wild moments. The most famous of Jim Corbett Resorts is the Jim Corbett National Park located at the base of the Himalayas, Uttarakhand state, India. The park has an amazing collection of flora and fauna species, including the famous endangered Indian tiger. The national park is one of the oldest in India. Other resorts worth visiting include the; Ashoka’s Tiger Trail Resort situated to the south of the national park. This resort assures you the best when it .es to food, both local and exotic cuisine as well as a team of wildlife experts ranging from naturologist to local inhabitants. The homestead resort is yet another very popular hideaway. With its magical splendor and clean aromatic breezes, crafted walk ways and spas, you will surely lose yourself .pletely to the beauty of nature. The hotel offers executive ac.modation for all. First time visitors as well as returning clients never miss to pop in the barbeque corner, which is one of the most popular sites at the resort. Gairal Forest Lodge is situated about 21 kilometers from Dhangari Gate & the banks of Ramganga River. Dense, scenic forests housing a very wide variety of birds promises a rich experience for bird lovers. Raging rivers add to the awe inspiring beauty of the lodge. Wood Castle Resort, named after the materials used to construct it, i.e. crowdie mango wood, offers peace and quiet of mind away from the noisy Indian suburbs. Corbett Ramganga Resort is a heritage resort located in the Kumaon hills along the bank of River Ramganga. This resort was named after the river Ramganga. Conference facilities, indoor games and swimming pools are some of the luxuries to be found at this resort. Camp Riverwild resort is to be found at the edge of the national park adjacent to the reserve forest. River Kosi flows alongside the resort for about one kilometer. Its an ideal place to spend quality time in the wild. Country Inn Resort sums up the list of best must see resorts in India. Its located just adjacent to Corbett National park. Natural beauty and serene environment characterize the area under which this resort resides. Some of the luxuries available include, but not limited to, trekking, wildlife movie shows and Bird watching. The above list is not totally exhaustive as Corbett Resorts are quite a handful. However the above are the most notable in terms of offering the best in ac.modation, leisure, food and sightseeing opportunities. It would be inappropriate for one to visit India and not check out the various resorts offering superb opportunities to enjoy wild moments, to be as one with nature, or to simply find tranquility and peace of mind in the best part of the world. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: