Jinzhou illegal processing dens explosion caused 5 dead 1 injured on the new network – responsible p freyja

Jinzhou illegal processing dens explosion caused 5 dead 1 injured head ran – Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Huai Ruogu) yesterday morning at about 11, Hebei Jinzhou City, East Town an illegal processing dens explosion caused 5 dead 1 injured, the person in charge of the fugitive dens. At noon yesterday, there are more than Jinzhou users through micro-blog, Post Bar platform news release, he heard a loud noise, and see the city southern sky white mushroom cloud jumping. Some netizens said, about 10 kilometers away from the scene of the villagers were affected by the explosion. Photo shows a glass of villagers were shattered, broken glass scattered on the house floor, the window was also fly to the ground. "At that time, the house was shaking, and I thought it was an earthquake". More than friends said that the explosion of the glass of their own homes were produced by blasting shock wave. Another netizen said in a news release, the explosion occurred in the city of Jinzhou Dong Li Zhuang Zhen Duan Jia Zhuang Cun, the explosion point is a chemical factory. After the incident, a number of fire engines and ambulances rushed to the scene to rescue. Friends published photos show, there is a row of 8 bungalow house has not been the scene of the explosion, wall paint, windows and doors is poor; firefighters were carrying the wounded, the injured left belt wrapped around the waist, epidermal multiple trauma, a damaged house in front of the door also lay a wounded. 5 pm yesterday, micro-blog Jinzhou Municipal Propaganda Department official news release, the same day morning at about 11, illegal processing dens located in Jinzhou City, east town orchard the depths of the explosion caused 5 deaths, 1 people injured no danger. Processing dens for Zhang Chaoyi at large, the public security authorities are fully captured. Cause of the explosion is under investigation. The briefing did not clear the explosion site, but also did not say what is an illegal processing dens. For the chemical industry as well as the identity of the deceased and other users, the reporter called the Jinzhou municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of the news section, but to press time has not been a new response.相关的主题文章: