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Lamb yam and pumpkin soup, a best autumn winter tonic soup and mutton – Sohu is one of the usual table carnivorous high frequency, the fat content of pork and beef mutton relatively lower protein content than pork, beef calories than high, so the autumn season we all love to eat mutton, on the one hand can improve immunity that can resist the cold, they can play a role of nourishing the body, called the autumn season. Mutton tonic best products. Today to share a lamb yam and pumpkin soup, several kinds of nutritious ingredients together and do a simple collocation and taste delicious and nutritious soup. Prepare the ingredients: Lamb 400g, yam 1, sweet potato root iron roots pumpkin 1, ginger, a little amount of oil, salt production methods: 1, 2, ready food pot pour a little oil, add washed chopped ginger and stir fry until fragrant, add lamb stir fry 3 sheep meat, stir fry until the surface of the zoom yellow into stew in the core 4, in addition to a stewing core 5, boiling water into the water to the water tank (at the lowest level shall prevail), into the stew core cover, the power supply is switched on, press the function key to select "water stew", 6 sweet potato pumpkin peeled cut hob block, peeled and cut yam about 5cm long, about 7 hours after the stew 1 open the lid, add sweet potato pumpkin, yam and simmer for half an hour or so before the pot, add salt seasoning tips 1, after fried lamb stew out of the soup pot more thick and sweet 2, the amount of water should not add too much later to add pumpkin and yam 3, use kitchen: the United States WBZSaid01MY electric stew cup [a] Sina Huang Doudou parenting Hot Blog, delicacy Hot Blog, delicacy delicacy Jie certification masters, parent-child education WeChat contributing author. For manuscripts or cooperation please pay attention to the public number: hdd_peterhl or Sina micro-blog: a message of Huang Doudou all articles are original, if need to forward please indicate the source, thank you!相关的主题文章: