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Landscaping-Gardening Landscape edging adds beauty and value to any landscape. Whether you are a professional landscaper or a beginner tackling your own home project, edging adds the polished look to make your landscape stand out from the rest. There are a various ways to utilize borders and edging in your landscape. You can use them to define walkways or paths. Separate the yard from the patio or section off a piece of your property to create a rock garden. There are various types of edging with their own different designs and constructed out of many different materials. Make sure you choose the landscape edging that is right for your project to ensure a satisfactory out.e. Are you thinking about constructing a raised garden? Raised gardens can be constructed quickly by using landscape borders. What about a sandbox for all the children in your family to enjoy for years to .e? Sandboxes are another backyard addition that can be constructed easily using landscape borders. Most borders or edging are made from wood, metal, brick or plastic. Wood borders could be railroad ties, natural bamboo or a simple 2 by 4. Brick borders .e in many different shapes, sizes and designs. A scalloped brick edger is a popular choice. Natural stone borders add natural beauty to any project. Plastic or synthetic borders may be a durable choice for such as separating unruly grass and a patio. Grass that needs to be trimmed will be up against the edging and an edging that can withstand the torture of a weed eater would be a great choice. Before starting a project of any kind you must determine what type of edging you need to use. If raised gardens are something you want to construct, keep in mind that all gardens need water and some edging may not be able to withstand continuous moisture. Wood is an economical choice for raised gardens but may erode after years of watering. Bricks or stone edging are a nice choice but could cost a little more. Sandboxes are a child’s joy and should be constructed with careful consideration of the little ones. Choosing to make a sandbox that is edged with some kind of concrete or brick edging may be a little dangerous for small child to be playing around. Landscape edging made of a soft wood or a synthetic plastic material may be best. Sandboxes in general are dry so moisture may not be such a concern. With some simple planning your landscape will be a prized possession that will be enjoyed for years to .e. Choosing the right landscape edging for your project will make all the difference in the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: