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Business There is a definite difference between individuals when it comes to determining leadership. Some people are simply the boss. They may be in charge of a process or department, yet they exhibit no real true leadership. Others are more natural leaders, but they arent always the ones in charge of business methods or functions. For many people, it is much more empowering to receive guidance and management from an experienced leader rather than a person that is simply the boss. What makes someone a leader? Leadership requires a willingness to provide a good example of expected outcomes. It requires an individual to possess a coaching quality that engages leadership intimacy with coworkers and employees at every level of an organization. Furthermore, the best leaders often extend their attention to customer intimacy and service excellence. The principles of exceptional customer service are applied through every communication because every team member, customer, colleague, and relevant professional is extended this high level of courtesy and understanding. When one achieves a good amount of leadership intimacy, they empower the development of an innovative, respectful, and efficient team. Through an increased level of intimacy between all team members, every individual feels more indebted to the team or organization and its collective primary goals or objectives. They work more cohesively and are unafraid to share insights or advice with one another. Ultimately, their results are more efficient, more productive and more innovative. Which would you rather be? Most often, its just as important to coach upward in the corporate environment. Even if youre not positioned in a leadership role currently, this does not mean that you cannot position and shape potential opportunities for advancement. Coaching up enables you to gently guide those at higher levels within your organization and when performed correctly, easily makes an individual an invaluable team member and resource for innovation and positive change. A true leader is one that avoids several pitfalls that can sabotage the solidarity of the team, such as political games or power struggles. He or she puts aside personal, petty dramas for the good of the team. In turn, this motivates team members and allows them to contribute their ideas without worry. To learn how to become a leader instead of just the boss, please visit CoachQuest at .coachquestleader… Classes are available for those looking to improve leadership skills and customer intimacy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: