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.puters-and-Technology Lenovo Essential B570 Laptop priced at $499.00 can be the right search for those, who look for a performing laptop within a constrained budget. It brings the power of Sandy bridge technology with the Intel Core i-3 second generation processor along with a flamboyant 15.6-inch screen having 1,366×768 resolution pattern. But unlike other cheap range laptops that tell you where the savings have been made it will be an exception. Although the chassis is predominantly made from matte black plastic, Lenovo has added a subtle pinstripe pattern on the lid and keyboard surround that scales the elegance factor. The keyboard looks very distinctive and appealing with rounded keys and do provides excellent hold to type and reply emails quickly on the go. Full numerical keypad on the right-hand side .es handy when you have to edit Excel sheets. Trackpad is also large and wide giving .fort to navigate through different windows. The 320GB hard drive is a low factor, but considering the price its adjustable. The port line-up is interesting. Along with three USB sockets, there’s an eSATA port that’s useful for connecting up high-speed external devices like hard drives. Alongside the standard VGA output, there’s an HDMI connector, which makes it much easier to hook the laptop up to a hi-def TV, as audio and video are both carried over the same lead. If Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows 7 with RapidBoot technology is a thumps-up sign then integrated WiFi and optional Bluetooth, WiMAX and 3G just put icing on the cake. Fingerprint reader and USB port locker are to guard your data in your absence, and OneKey Rescue button is to give you a quick way to recover from the worst situation. Above all, the product descends from Lenovo shop with 1 year limited hardware warranty that is further expandable up to 5 years, but is subject to Lenovo Support Terms and Conditions. Within the period all parts and labor maintenance costs are to be bore by the manufacturer. Software support is also covered for free under the same period. The real-time warranty support helps you to minimize random operating and maintenance expenses, and keeps the system in a sound condition. Lenovo also blesses the product with Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) to cope with any unpleasant situation or accident (like drops, spills, electrical surges or failure). Underscoring the value of your time and investment Lenovo Technical Support has been classified into different levels including priority call routing, 24/7 telephone technician-to- technician support, Web-based service call tracking tools, escalation management, local language support and third party software support. In addition, you can seek software support from developers site as well. For instance, issues related to the operating system, Microsoft Office, Windows Live, Windows Firewall, etc. can also be addressed by Microsoft portal. Lenovo customer service also hosts independent support services related to the peripherals, routers, Internet and network. So, you dont have to worry regarding the make and model of attached .ponents. Apart from the repair and maintenance service, others are readily available at your behest. Just you need to call on the Lenovo Number and let experts have the remote access of your system. Remote experts can do all troubleshooting as though a technician sitting in front of it. You can also opt for customized plans as per your requirement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: