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UnCategorized There are two types of golf club sets. The first types of golf club sets are very good for beginners and young people who are just starting out in playing golf.These Golf club sets are normally a lot cheaper than their counterpart golf clubs sets and include everything you will need in order to play a round of golf. The golf clubs included in these golf club sets are usually designed so that beginners can hit the ball as easily as possible. The woods included will probably be oversized giving a new player a larger club face making it easier to hit the ball. The irons will be designed so that you can hit the ball in a straight line as easy as possible as opposed to hitting the ball long distances. These golf club sets you will usually include nine maybe ten clubs. You will also get a golf bag to carry your golf clubs in. The bag will have pockets so that you can store and carry some golf balls, tees and your score card. The whole idea these golf club sets is to show new.ers to the game how enjoyable a round of golf is. Once a new player plays a few rounds of golf and gets the bug the new player will naturally want to get round the golf course in fewer shots so will want clubs that will ac.modate this desire. The second type of golf club sets are usually sets of irons. These sets are for people that want to take golf to the next level. These clubs can be fitted to the way you play and can be adjusted to help you play a better round by eliminating certain characteristics of your personal game. Drivers, woods and putters are usually bought separately as are rescue clubs. A rescue club is any club that a player feels will get them out of trouble. Its usually a club they have used in the past that they feel they can use and always hit the ball ‘sweet’. Many players will buy several drivers and putters over time and build up their golf club set over many years. The rules of golf state that you can only carry fourteen clubs during a round of golf, if you carry more, even if you don’t use them, is against the rules and you will be penalised so it makes sense to use the golf clubs you feel most .fortable with Do Ladies golf clubs differ to men’s golf clubs? The answer in many cases is yes and no. You can find ladies golf clubs where the shafts are shorter and because the shafts are shorter the golf club heads are heavier, but the same goes for men clubs. If you have a five foot male and a five foot female and they both weigh a hundred pounds then they will both need the same type of golf clubs. A lot of people will state that ladies golf clubs are shorter and heavier that a males counter part. A golf club with a shorter shaft will have a heavier head and therefore be heavier than a golf club with a longer shaft, this is because of balance. Golf club manufacturers have to decide on what they consider the optimum design of a golf club will be. They have to take into account the physics involved in a golf swing which has to incorporate the weight, length, balance, inertia and resistance of the golf club. Most major manufacturers of golf clubs make golf clubs specifically designed for women. However most women who play regularly and have small handicaps will use the same clubs men use and like their male counter parts will have those clubs specifically set up for them. The setting up of ladies golf clubs is exactly the same as setting up golf clubs for men. It’s a bit like having an off the peg suit fitted. Because everyone is unique in their height, stature, posture and the way they swing a golf club, golf specialists can configure a golf club to suit the way you swing a golf club. To make a good shot the golf club head has to hit the golf ball in a particular manner. If the golf club face is open the ball will be sliced and veer to the right. If the golf club face is closed it will do the opposite and veer to the left. Being fitted means that they will alter the way the golf head is fitted to the shaft which will give you the best chance of hitting the golf ball correctly time after time. The same fitting process is available for male and female players using the same type and make of golf clubs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: