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Li Jiacheng returned to Hongkong won the optimistic outlook to Hong Kong to Cheung said Sina Financial News October 7th afternoon news recently, Hongkong’s richest man Li Jiacheng after a lapse of four years for the first time to bid for Hongkong’s land, but the price exceeded market expectations of 35%, some analysts believe that this indicates that Li Jiacheng for the Hongkong market prospects for good. Cheung Kong real estate (01113-HK) executive director Zhao Guoxiong said today, "confident" on Hongkong’s economy, and emphasizes the long long-term strategy still in Hongkong as the main base, will continue to vote as well as the development of future business in Hong kong. Although Li Jiacheng had said earlier this year, since the Hongkong economy into the worst in 1996, even worse than SARS in 2003, but in mid September but unexpectedly in Hongkong won the bid, plots, HK $1 billion 953 million, more than 35% of market expectations. Executive director Zhao Guoxiong estate Cheung also said today that Hongkong’s economic prospects more optimistic, said Hongkong’s economic infrastructure and consumer support, the employment situation is also very good, have confidence in the economy of Hongkong. Zhao Guoxiong stressed that the long "home in Hongkong", a long-term strategy is still in Hongkong as the main base, will continue to vote and develop business in Hong kong. He also said that recently appeared in "the most expensive land, because developers are optimistic about the market outlook, it will continue to actively into the plots. He believes that the current market demand, the real estate industry is also optimistic about the property market, he estimated future land prices will rise again. For the mainland property market situation, Zhao Guoxiong believes that the mainland market is very busy now, while Real Estate Company ample funds in the mainland, is very aggressive in terms of bidding. Therefore, the domestic competition is quite large, even in foreign markets such as Singapore, mainland developers have begun to become the most powerful competitors. Hongkong Lands Department announced in September 14th, Li Jiacheng of the Cheung Kong real estate subsidiary Yu Hui Investment Co. Ltd., to HK $1 billion 953 million bid Hongkong Sha Tin nine belly block, price higher than the market expected value of more than 30%. The plot of the floor area of up to 22676 square meters, but also for the first time in nearly 4 years, Li Jiacheng bought residential land in Hongkong. JP Morgan believes that the high price of land in Hongkong to buy, which means that he has a more positive expectations for the real estate market in Hongkong, but also that this may further boost the Hongkong real estate market sentiment. Real estate consultants DTZ’s data show that in September last year to the first quarter of this year Hongkong property market fell, but the first 9 months of this year, the overall property prices still have about 5% increase; at the same time this year in July and August, the Hongkong housing turnover has been restored to the July 2015 Hongkong property market began to decline the level before. The bank also believes that Li Jiacheng returned to Hongkong to take place, indicating that prices may continue to rise in Hongkong. (Sina Finance Peng Lin from Hongkong) into the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: