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Liu Xueyi drama set interpretation of different anti God Qingyun _24 Zhi > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "Qingyun Zhi" entertainment Tencent large fantasy Xian Xia Zhi "in the drama" Qingyun and highly sought after audience’s attention, has entered the white hot stage, and the Shaw Brothers the identity has been gradually clear, at the same time long hidden conspiracy will appear. In the recently updated network drama, Xiao Lin Jingyu and brother to return to Qingyun door. At the start of Qingyun Mountain, Lin Jingyu in animal toxicity has been the blood of God began to attack at this time, Xiao brother to seize the opportunity the bliss, the Lin Jingyu body of the beast God blood to wake up, take out. The young Lin Jingyu was faced with the tragic fate of martial arts was abolished, out of his legacy. To join the near Liu Xueyi, the interpretation of such a shrewd deep role, is a great challenge. Not only requires acting time online, but also need to have a strong ability to switch. It is reported that due to the congenital appearance of good conditions and temperament, should have set foot on the road to a male god. But because of the life of Liu Xueyi is not as cold as the surface calm, is a very funny forced the meat, do not set foot on the return of male and male nerve is the word of the gods. Micro-blog Fangyanwangqu, is just one piece, and Liu Xueyi said: I am not a hand piece, because I was a big joke. This true, natural harvest a large number of fans. So the upright Liu Xueyi, since childhood home in North drift, completed five years of dance learning, because of its superior appearance and transfer performance, starting a career path. In the "Yun Zhi" before, starred in the film and television work is not much, but all of them make a deep impression on the audience. The TV play "in the" Wu awe-inspiring righteousness, Shangguan extraordinary temperament, other than Xiao brother ifheavier; then took part in a TV drama is not "Dragon Ball legend", inside the "ponytail" modeling highlights Liu Xueyi delicate features, handsome image of the audience to remember this new generation of niche of a green hand. A lot of fans to watch "Qingyun Zhi" too deep into the drama, let Xiao brother became a target for all. But at the same time it also shows that Liu Xueyi acting superb calm. In the updated episode, Xiao brothers with the pines in the disposal of the Shishu Lin Jingyu, the subtle visual expression, seems to make the story more complicated. Next, Xiao brother can look forward to forsake heresy and return to the truth.相关的主题文章: