Longyan, Fujian nine villagers outside the administrative center to drink pesticide police have file-running man20130526

Fujian Longyan nine villagers administrative center outside drinking police have opened in November 15th, Fujian Longyan City Public Security Bureau Xinluo branch informed that the afternoon of November 11th, Dong Xiao town 9 villagers to drink pesticide in the north gate of the administrative center of Longyan City, the police on suspicion of affray investigation. The police informed that the investigation by the public security organs, Dong Xiao Lin Moumou, Moumou 2 9 villagers, huge compensation because of the illegal looting pigsty was to demolish, demands have not been met, the administrative center of the city outside the north to collective drink pesticide dimethoate "extreme manufacturing influence, serious damage to society the order should be punished according to law. Currently, the case is under further investigation. After Longyan official bulletin, November 11th in the afternoon at 3:30 pm, 9 villagers Dong Xiao Zhen Yang Tan Cun (5 male and 4 female) in the administrative center of Longyan City, north door suspected drink pesticide dimethoate". 9 villagers have been rushed to a local hospital for treatment. Longyan City, immediately launched the emergency plan, set up a special rescue team, the leadership of the municipal government immediately convene the relevant departments for emergency consultation, full treatment, proper disposal. At present, 9 villagers awareness, vital signs stable.相关的主题文章: