Loudi auxiliary police to save the drowning woman by her boyfriend misunderstanding by Kuangou coinwatch

Loudi auxiliary police to save the drowning woman by her boyfriend misunderstanding is Kuangou source: Loudi news network news Loudi new evening of November 18th, with the Loudi Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment directly under the brigade five squadrons of the auxiliary police Yuan Jianpeng and friends walking in the two bridge of Loudi Lianshui river scenery, good save a drunken woman, who was the women’s boyfriend misunderstanding Yuan Jianpeng, lead to injury. At about 8 o’clock in the evening, Yuan Jianpeng and his friends took a walk in the Loudi River, the Lianshui River on the two bridge, and saw the two girls sitting on the shore. The two girls looked a bit tipsy, the mood is not stable, what seems to be the heart. Just past not far, Yuan Jianpeng heard the sound of water behind him, looked back, I saw a girl walking straight into the water, his heart a tight, quickly took off side to the direction of the water jacket girl gallop past, not swim, he quickly jumped into the water to catch the girl’s clothes to fling caution to the winds to pull the shore. Because of the slippery slope and embankment is in, the girl struggled under, two people came to the middle of the river to slide. See the urgency of the situation, Yuan Jianpeng’s friend took off his coat and dress as the rope, Yuan Jianpeng hand pulled clothes, a hand pulled the girl with tremendous effort, the girl finally pulled up on the shore. On the shore, a friend of Yuan Jianpeng to leave back to the car, the girl was all wet squatting on the ground crying, seeing this, Yuan Jianpeng put his coat to the girl covered, and in good words to enlighten. At this time, an unexpected scene occurred! A man dressed in white clothes man walked straight, with their car keys at the head of Yuan Jianpeng bash down, and toward Yuan Jianpeng’s abdomen kicked several feet, and then pull the girl walked, because rescue exhausted Yuan Jianpeng suddenly fainted was lying on the ground. The incident was too sudden, spooked the girl friend had no time to stop, to hit the man left, she did not react, hurry to call the man, the whole process to inform their things. A few minutes later, Yuan Jianpeng finally wake up, feel headache, touch hands are full of blood. Friends rushed to see this scene angry to find a hit man theory, is Yuan Jianpeng pull advised: "may be misunderstood, speak clearly." Soon, the men hit back, because of their momentary impulse, indiscriminately beating well intentioned people behavior of guilt, when facing Yuan Jianpeng apology, and accompanied Yuan Jianpeng to the clinic for treatment of wound dressing. Reporters learned from the city traffic police detachment, Yuan Jianpeng, 22 years old, retired from the army in 2015, after the exam has become an auxiliary police detachment. Yuan Jianpeng to the rescue act, traffic police detachment directly under the brigade Deputy captain Luo Guoping Yuan Jianpeng said, usually at work can be hard, and colleagues, "he is very kind-hearted, love to help others, so he saw the woman to commit suicide to rescue, I have no accident." (reporter Tan Hong)相关的主题文章: