Love psychology 7 curse so that you will never have a male vote (Figure) running man 20130908

Psychology of marriage: 7 never let you curse the male vote (Figure) 7 curse let you never male ticket 1, not low condition is wearing the increase in parents education since childhood, she has high requirements on their own, so she read Dr. Lu, a monthly salary of nearly six digits, began to consider looking for a good man, but found that the high degree of income without her high income higher than her qualifications without her high, encountered a rare degree of income higher than her, the foot was in. 2, must wait for prince charming Mr. A BMW is cynical, Mr. B, a good cook but can not afford to buy a kitchen, Mr C is handsome but only love playing video games at home, Mr. D’s taste, but also long ugly people playing the romantic…… Why is there no perfect idol in real life? She is a love idealists, one hundred percent worship of marriage and family, become convinced that prince charming will drop from the clouds, she resists fuel, every time we will encourage yourself in the next will be better. The only end is endless. 3, the busy work, no time to become a housewife she can for a copywriter stay up until dawn, but there is no space to be housewives, others when preparing dinner, she is still in the drafting of the next meeting speech. Her life is the most familiar friend is a working partner, she can be the identity of the boss, confidante and even friends, but never girlfriend and wife. 4, life can not tolerate their otaku man going out than sleep at home, with a deeper understanding of a person is not concentrated on the study of network game. She used to go home to open the refrigerator to beer, lying on the sofa to eat snacks while watching cartoons to pass the time, Ling Chensan at the forum group purchase for otaku clothes, her schedule is row too full, not willing to change a man. 5, love between man and man’s story that she can be a person watching the world cup until five in the morning, the new "Three Kingdoms" a leak in the end, but she and the man in the world without a common language, she is watching football in order to "C Ronaldo and Kaka the eyes full of silently conveyed tenderness, watching" Three Kingdoms "Zhou Yu Liu Bei is to find out which one and more with Zhu Geliang. There is always a good man around her, like a reflection of her condition to find a pair of CP to give him. She fell in love with the story of a man and a man. 6, the first man attempted to date more than an hour late, second men began to ask your home to marry a house third men, even a parking ticket discount, fourth men brought his mother, the fifth men would have a girlfriend…… Tenth men look at a GAY…… Meeting is the best meeting. A blind date two or three times a month comes to a conclusion: good men are not short of women. 7, can not deal with family disputes love is a matter of two people, marriage is two things. From go to visit our relatives should take what gift to parents who live to celebrate the new year, the who’s home, the child who raised…… Every difficulty coefficient are comparable to "chicken or the egg". She loved him, but she was afraid of her mother, her mother was her.相关的主题文章: