Ma Yun said Taobao stores are easy to cheat is difficult to cheat Wang Jianlin 90! sayu-02

Ma Yun said: Taobao stores are easy to cheat is difficult to cheat Wang Jianlin 90! Ma and Wang Jianlin, is a China virtual economy break, a leader in the real economy China. The two of them turn to become the richest man in the news often make headlines, two people on the electricity supplier in the retail market. With the topic of. Recently, there is a talk about two people out of the program. MA in the program to take Wang Jianlin analogy, bluntly: now cheat Wang Jianlin such a person is easy, it is difficult to cheat 90." Screenshot screenshot in this program, the host and Ma on consumer online shopping behavior is discussed. The host said, in the electronic business platform, consumers are more concerned about the price rather than quality." Ma Yun replied: "if the design quality is not good, no one to buy cheaper, because 90 is difficult to cheat, cheat now people like Wang Jianlin to cheat them very difficult, these young people are Chinese demand lies." And between Ma and Wang Jianlin, there is an interesting agreement on gambling is often talked about. This agreement occurred in a 2012 awards ceremony, two people after ten years in the retail electricity providers can more than half of market share and set the bet, the amount of 100 million yuan. Now four years have passed, the latest release of Chinese e-commerce research center "in 2016 (on) China online retail market data monitoring report" shows that the first half of 2016 the market transaction China network retail amounted to 2 trillion and 314 billion 194 million yuan, compared to the first half of 2015 16140 billion yuan, an increase of 43.4%. Double eleven approaching, this year more than a year from the side of the transaction is also explained that the electricity supplier in the retail market strong. In the traditional retail channels, the number of stores in China in the past five years, the number of stores doubled. So the ten year period is less than, for the time being can not know, who will be the final winner. And between Wang Jianlin and Ma, because of the proximity of their wealth and the nature of the topics represented by their respective areas, they will continue to tangle together. Wang Jianlin and Ma Yun following is the scene of the dialogue on the occasion of the game when the electricity supplier of Mr. Wang Jianlin: Moderator: welcome two place. The two of you have come in such a manner that I feel like you are not an observer, but a jury. Ready to include seeing touch, feel the person of the year –. Well, we want to hear two today what kind of questions to the two person of the year. He Gang: I told Yao teacher talk, my exam, Yao teacher make a comment. Our problem is that, please prepare two to do a small debate, because you two just from the two areas, Mr. Ma and Mr. Wang Jianlin in the virtual world, in the real economy, especially in the shop, the cinema to break ground breaking, a lot of achievements. November 30th 9:50, Taobao and Tmall platform to achieve a total transaction volume has exceeded the one trillion annual turnover, a very alarming figure. At the same time, we see that Mr. Wang Jianlin’s cross-border cinema is also earned pots full bowl, in November retail sales grew by 14%, our problem is that the electricity supplier will replace the traditional shop operators. Do not say you can, be sure to choose one, each of the two published their own.相关的主题文章: