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Mainland tourists on the left 499 people, Taiwan tourism industry becomes the "miserable" original title: Taiwan to mainland tourists on the left 499 Taiwan tourism industry to the city by China helpless Taiwan network October 7th news according to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported that the Taiwan authorities "Immigration Department statistics, in October 5th the number of mainland visitors to Taiwan tour has visitors plummeted, and free for only 499 days, the past million people, the tourism industry becomes" miserable industry". The tourism industry agglomeration to the Chiayi City Council members plead joint proposal to the DPP authorities reflect public opinion. Taiwan travel trade association, honorary chairman Xiao Boren said, Chiayi has closed, the restaurant staff on unpaid leave, the municipal government of Chiayi city to expand domestic demand at least coping scheme. Chiayi President Xiao Shuli provided the temporary motion, reduce the mainland tourists, the tourism industry is facing survival problems, please pay attention to the city construction and help seeking coping strategies to the authorities on the remedy, the revitalization of the new scheme, the 21 members have signed. The tourism industry group to attend parliament, plead. Xiao Shuli said, according to the Tourism Bureau statistics, in August the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan to 249 thousand passengers, compared with the same period last year to reduce 119 thousand people, or 32.41%, of which more visitors by 54.96%. Although South Korea tourists growth, but the overall decrease of 3.44% tourists, for the first time since 2004 August the amount of negative growth of tourists. Taiwan laundry commercial trade association chairman Zhang Yulong said, mainland tourists to the southeast, Southward Policy tourist only to the metropolitan first-tier cities, Chiayi hotel is unoccupied, laundry with too horrible to look at. Members of the industry for voice by common consent, put forward specific measures to save city tourism industry "miserable". Mr Zhang Xiuhua said the industry needs the source of tourists rather than the government’s assistance, so that mainland tourists to Taiwan is a positive solution. Chiayi City, a day before the 200 to 250 Taiwan tour bus tourists accommodation, parking lot now desolate. He asked the mayor in October 21st and the tourism industry forum to discuss plans. (Lining, Taiwan, China)相关的主题文章: