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Make illegal tax avoidance 13 billion euros to the EU ruling   Apple opened the largest after tax –IT– EU to apple after Liu Huihui opened the largest tax core reading in August 30th, the European Commission ruled that the U.S. Apple Corp in Ireland illegal tax avoidance of 13 billion euros, the Apple Corp must be part of this tax return to the Irish government. This will be the largest since the EU opened after tax on the regulation of members of enterprise tax. The U.S. government’s involvement in this incident makes the business and trade conflicts between the United States and Europe increasingly prominent. The punishment of apple, the EU intends to make an example of EU competition commissioner Margaret? Weiss in 30 held a press conference said, "the Commission for a period of 3 years that the Irish government gave Apple Corp competitive tax incentives, the Apple Corp in many years than other enterprises to pay a considerable amount of tax. EU law provides that the company received state tax assistance is illegal. Ireland in 1991 and in 2007 with the Apple Corp to reach the tax rules equivalent to state subsidies, in violation of EU law." Weiss Tagg said: "the standard of corporate income tax rate in Ireland is 12.5%, and the Commission’s investigation showed that the selective tax policy in Ireland to make the Apple Corp corporate tax rate fell from 1% in 2003 to 0.005% in 2014." To this end, the Commission ruled that the Irish government from 2003 to 2014 the Apple Corp closing up taxes (including interest) up to 13 billion euros, but the specific amount decided by the irish. The European Commission issued 30 news disclosed in the announcement of Apple’s tax avoidance means: "according to the law, an Irish company if the management rights and control rights are not in the country, can not pay taxes in ireland. Using this unique tax law, Apple Corp first set up Apple international sales company in Ireland, to receive all sales revenue outside the United States, enjoy a lower income tax rate. Then, through the apple international sales company, apple international operating company, the transfer of profits to the headquarters of the British Virgin islands. Because the apple international operating company management rights in Ireland, so don’t pay tax in Ireland, and the British Virgin Islands almost tax-free." In fact, Apple Corp tax avoidance is only the tip of the iceberg". According to the EU estimates, tax avoidance tax losses to the EU each year up to 70 billion euros. The EU may also follow up on Starbucks, Amazon, McDonald’s and other dozens of U.S. companies over the past year in Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg and other tax havens tax avoidance penalties. Response to the ruling, apple said it would not bow for the Commission’s ruling, the Apple Corp showed unbowed attitude. The company said in a statement, the company most of the profits tax in the United States, never asked, did not get any special arrangements. The company has always been committed to business in Ireland, and plans to continue to invest. Apple Corp says the EU’s ruling on the case could be damaging相关的主题文章: