Malaysia to buy 4 Chinese warships cooperate to maintain stability in the South China

Malaysia to buy 4 aircraft China warships cooperate to maintain the stability of the South China Sea Malaysia Premier Naguib’s visit to China, will be revealed and Chinese "for the first time to sign important defense agreement", sparked especially infinite imagination of Western media "". Yesterday (November 2nd), in the talks and China Prime Minister Li Keqiang, Prime Minister Naguib announced: Malaysia will buy 4 ships of the Royal Navy ship to China Binhai task (Littoral Mission Ships), which is Malaysia’s history to China buy military equipment, is a new milepost in Malaysia Department of defense. However, the two sides did not disclose the specific price of warships. British "Financial Times" 2, analysts said, given the tensions between China and the United States in the Asia Pacific region, analysts will pay close attention to the transaction, and whether it marks the distant Washington, Kuala Lumpur, turned to Beijing. On November 1st, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang held talks with Malaysia’s prime minister, Naguib, after the talks between the two sides to witness the signing of the Sino French cooperation documents. Malaysia for the first time to buy warships Chinese according to Malaysia s-wish Daily News Network reported on November 1st, Naguib pointed out that the 4 ships are expected to be completed in 24 months, the current plan is 2 ships will be built in Chinese, another 2 boats are built in Malaysia, but is now looking for the most appropriate place. Premier Naguib and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang held bilateral talks, the two leaders witnessed the signing of bilateral infrastructure construction, agriculture, education, taxation, customs, quality inspection, defense and other fields more than ten documents on bilateral cooperation. After the talks, Naguib led the Malaysia cabinet minister held a press conference at the Beijing Hotel, to the Malaysia media summary he held bilateral talks and Li Keqiang, announced the warship procurement contract. Naguib said that the Chinese side will provide financing to buy warships in Malaysia, China will be through the (EXIM Bank) to pay the money. When asked about the price of these 4 warships, accompanied by Prime Minister Naguib attended the press conference of the Malaysian defense minister Hishamuddin said he was confident that this will get preferential prices to buy warships. As for the purchase of warships to the United States will cause the United States unhappy, Liu said that Malaysia will not pay attention to these problems, if the United States also offers such a preferential price, the Macedonian side will consider. Malaysia’s prime minister, Naguib, has a 7 day official visit to China since October 31st. Just before Naguib’s visit, the Malaysian defense minister Hishamuddin in October 25th in the face of the book (Facebook) revealed that the Malaysia Ministry of defence and Chinese signed purchase task Binhai ship (LMS) agreement, but Hishamuddin on face book then delete this message. According to the observer network previously reported, Malaysia plans to purchase 18 aircraft to replace the LMS, currently serving more than 40 years of gunboats and a fast counter attack craft, September 10th China contractor to submit proposals to the government of Malaysia, the proposal presented in the LMS length of about 70 meters. Malaysia insiders also suggested that China had been purchased to export to the Algeria C28A light frigate. China to Algeria.相关的主题文章: