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Maleka followed along the coast of Zhejiang or by the wind, rain, in the climax of new network – the original title No. 16 typhoon "Maleka" followed, Zhejiang coastal or suffered strong winds, heavy rain, high "three meet on 17 September, Xinhua news agency, Hangzhou (reporter Huang Xiao)" Meranti "just go," Maleka "followed. According to meteorological department news, 17 days around 3 o’clock in the afternoon 16 strong typhoon "malakas" into the East Hainan sea area, the north near Zhejiang in 18. Reporters from Zhejiang province flood prevention and drought relief headquarters learned that "malakas" effect also coincides with the lunar astronomical tide, Zhejiang is likely to encounter "wind and rain, the climax" three meet the situation. According to the meteorological department forecast, by the "malakas" influence, Zhejiang coastal sea level will generally windy weather, 18 days in central and southern coastal sea 10-12 winds, Zhejiang coastal waters have 9-11 winds, the typhoon center near the sea wind 12-15; 17 at night to 18, Zhejiang coastal areas have the heavy rain, local heavy rain. Zhejiang province ocean monitoring forecasting center is expected to, "sea malakas" during the Zhejiang territorial waters bad. In September 17th, Zhejiang province ocean monitoring forecasting center released waves II alert (Orange), storm surge warning II (Orange), Zhejiang Sheng Fangzhi will typhoon flood emergency response promoted to grade ii. Zhejiang Sheng Fangzhi pointed out that the defense "malakas" has 4 disadvantages: one is the intensity of typhoon, the typhoon is expected to gradually strengthen the strength of the strongest, to reach super typhoon level (15 to 16); two is the typhoon large uncertainty, affected by the interaction between the upper air circulation and typhoon, "malakas" still have strength and path a lot of uncertainty; the three is the recent positive this year the strongest astronomical tide, storm tide meet, combination is very bad; four in Zhejiang Province, by the early "Meranti" serious invasion, again by "malakas" influence, may aggravate the disaster. As of 17 noon, Zhejiang transferred a total of 220 thousand and 100 people. During the typhoon affected sea fishing coincides with the comprehensive, timely and ensure the sea fishing boats fishing harbor hedging delay, become the priority among priorities of the Department of marine and fishery protection station. Therefore, the Zhejiang Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau specially issued an emergency notice, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the local government and defense requirements, prohibited fishing boats in the local defense did not terminate the emergency response before sailing. It is understood that Zhejiang 25030 fishing boats, there are 24744 back to Hong Kong, the ship is in a safe area, the 271 in the way back to the port of departure. Another 4336 non fishing vessels in Hong Kong or in a safe area. After the typhoon "Meranti" has been to the Zhejiang area to bring heavy rainfall. Zhejiang Sheng Fangzhi office director Hu Yaowen introduction, continuous rainfall has brought greater pressure on Zhejiang reservoir. At present, Zhejiang flood control level of large and medium-sized reservoirs in block 42, more than and 30 station water level warning level or the guarantee level. In addition to the impact of continuous precipitation, "malakas" near the coast of Zhejiang in the 18th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar at a time when astronomical tide period. Hu Yaowen said, Wenzhou, Pingyang, Zhoushan, the tide is likely to exceed the fortification level,.相关的主题文章: