Man drunk driving crash to escape punishment asked friends to send Erguotou drinking now-boee

Man drunk driving crash to escape punishment Erguotou drinking now allow friends to send the original title: measuring the alcohol content of the hospital, why he is secretly drinking? The hospital under surveillance to capture a greeting to drink. Man is being treated at the scene of the traffic accident is incredible, a man in Zhenjiang, a drunk driving in the morning, and other people crash. Since then, in order to escape the punishment and the police, immediately to a friend for help. Don’t want to, the name of the "friends" have suggested a greeting scene and really brought a bottle of alcohol, "Erguotou" make a greeting is to drink, resulting in alcohol content is caused by drinking, so the police no blow. Don’t want to, Cleverness may overreach itself., 11, to celebrate a blood alcohol test results in 0.74mg ml, Zhenjiang Jingkou Police Brigade responsible person, in accordance with the law he will face a fine of 1000 yuan shall be temporarily driving license for six months, recorded 12 points penalty.   time back to the early morning of October 15th at 47 PM, Ms. Wang driving a Volkswagen Touran small ordinary bus, traveling along the route north to South Zhenjiang mengxi. When the reverse traveling near to Zhenjiang North Bay, and he is a normal driving driving along the Mengxi route south to north side of three wheeled motorcycle collision. The police received Huang Yipei Zhenjiang Jingkou Police Brigade accident alarm, immediately rushed to the scene disposal. After the end of the scene investigation, the two sides were informed of the accident to the hospital for blood alcohol content identification. Will the responsible person told the reporter, hearing this, this is a drink of beer he panicked, he immediately call to inform friends, at the same time, emergency consultation call for help. Surprising is that his friend had the idea, so immediately drink a little wine, so even in the hospital by wine, said after the accident to drink, do not drink wine that before the accident". "Bad" moves, immediately two people play "smart". Soon, the name of a friend in the corridor he mougang to the hospital, have rushed to the scene, then a small bottle of liquor "Erguotou" quietly handed a greeting. Took the "Erguotou", he immediately drank. And this process, the hospital has been monitoring a complete record. Police shocked to find this situation, immediately warned him, this behavior can not escape the law, and will also play a negative role. Because in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of public security, immediately extracted blood alcohol content detected, that is, when the accident occurred in the body alcohol content, such as drunk driving standards to be held criminally responsible. After listening to the police warning, he and a friend of fancy immediately silly eye, he is regretting drinking behavior. 11, 2009, police, the results of the identification of a certain blood alcohol content has come out, 0.74mg ml, has reached the standard of drinking and driving, and almost drunk driving standards. Jingkou brigade relevant responsible person said, in 2011 the Ministry of Public Security issued the "guidance" on the public security organ for drunk driving criminal cases, of which third points "to further standardize the investigation directly mentioned: the test driver’s blood alcohol content drunk driving standard, will be on suspicion of dangerous driving crime investigation; Kay did not reach the drunk相关的主题文章: