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[map] GAC trumpchi GS8 intelligent system of prospective experience – Sohu automobile Sohu [new car] during the Beijing auto show, in front of colleagues have described the GAC trumpchi GS- standard cover "you have said it is a new way of music I believe." This is no doubt that the biggest feature of the car – significantly larger, significantly better. 169 thousand and 800 yuan is the GAC trumpchi GS pre-sale starting price. GAC trumpchi this time will be Chinese consumers, especially the SUV models of consumer psychology figure, large SUV momentum, compact SUV price. What bike do you want? In addition to the above points, GAC trumpchi GS also brought wisdom trumpchi 3 "under the concept of new vehicle intelligent interconnection system -" In-Joy ", is to keep up with the domestic automobile" smart "," Internet "craze. We also experienced this system for the first time, I also admitted that Apple will play the ground to find teeth, there are exaggerated ingredients, but this system does bring me a similar feeling with the Apple Carplay system. From our brief experience, this system does not give people a refreshing feeling. Still can not get rid of the "intelligent mobile phone" + "remote control" model, this model is used by most would-be Internet car products. The In-Joy system also has three core characteristics of it, the official statement is "safe" and "free" and "alive", translated as "man" is safe (this did not change) and interaction mode of diverse and beautiful UI design. According to the manufacturers, the system will also support the official release of Apple CarPlay and Baidu CarLife system to meet the needs of different mobile phone users. In the course of the experience, we still find that the system will be in the open drag and drop when the application of intermittent frame phenomenon (commonly known as Caton), these details should also be the main direction of the official in the future optimization. Summary: finally, we say my GS after the listing to GAC trumpchi tasted the sweetness, so the challenge after the higher level of GA, GS and GM8. But to the GS in the middle of the SUV category, and the situation of 10 tens of thousands of compact SUV can be quite different. On the one hand, the market for this level of China brand recognition of SUV is relatively low (some from Harvard H8, H9 of the two car sales downturn can be seen), if there is no bright spots of the characteristics, it is difficult to make a difference. The GAC trumpchi GS foundation is good, now is a "heart", relying on what win became the topic that we care. First, the price is not too outrageous, especially with a complete some of the "go" version, the official said that the pre-sale price of not more than 190 thousand yuan T Deluxe Edition will play the role of the. And we expect it to be true. Secondly, trumpchi GS will compete directly with the joint venture brand, took 190 thousand yuan for this, do complete shall be close to 220 thousand yuan. The majority of consumers in this price will be more compromise to the joint venture, especially some of the more favorable luxury brand medium-sized cars, they lure consumers相关的主题文章: