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Marni interview: nursery rhymes I most often buy bags! Nursery rhymes: Hello, the Tencent are all good friends, I am nursery rhymes, I was in Italy Milan now, just watching the Marni show. Tencent are: Marni show a ballad ballad to see what feelings? Nursery rhymes: I think Marni still continues its style, is the kind of handsome, tough, color saturation is not very high, do not grab people style, this is the design of some fold, drawstring, Suihua, some hollow, I very love, but they are my favorite shirt. This year there are beautiful earrings, their big flower earrings, as well as high-heeled shoes. Tencent fashion: this year you will recommend the explosive products, what do you think of the explosive Marni? Nursery rhymes: I think it is their high-heeled shoes and bags, because they are a lot of small this year, mini size package, then the color is very bright, very good, is a. Tencent fashion: you are also very Style today’s Marni, can you share it? Rhyme: today is a geometric pattern of the skirt, is also very Marni, so today we chose this one. Tencent fashion: what do you usually like to buy a single product? For example, shoes, clothes, bags, or jewelry. The nursery rhymes: single product are very often buy, I think the most often buy bags. Tencent fashion: usually shopping crazy? Where do you want to go to Milan? Nursery rhymes: Yes, they introduced me to a home buyers shop called Corso Como, that is also good, you must visit. Tencent are: recently in the film "such as Yi biography", that when shooting what fun things? And I know it’s hard to remember how to make a costume. Do you have any painful experience in this field? Nursery rhymes: actually lines is a hurdle to all of us, because they often can not remember the words you laugh, you call a lot, for example: chenqie, this house, I, how often, in the face of high or low seniority seniority, and the emperor will often change the call, so often the call that chaos. Tencent fashion: it was the first time to try this kind of Qing Dynasty costume drama, wear that kind of pot bottom shoes will not fit? Nursery rhymes: I already fell several times at the scene, because the flower shoes walking on the ground line, as long as the carpet, when very astringent, very easy to stumble, the most important thing is that we see everyone to salute, as long as a squat down completely up, will stepped on the skirt, because the skirt is very long, many layers, then often when together we stand, I feel better than wearing high-heeled shoes. Tencent fashion: in order to better experience the story, the crew of the actor shaved his head, then you face all day, "big light bulb" how do you feel? Rhyme: is bright ah, I think the boys shaved his head but also very good, because the facial features more clearly. Are you from the Tencent: before play some role, and wayward Meng Xizi to the funny forced Zhou Xiaobei, which do you think is more consistent with the image of character in your life? Nursery rhymes: I think probably is more like my week Xiaobei myself. I had a very funny place, goddess.相关的主题文章: