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Marvel again in collaboration with ABC Taiwan Drama "alien" aired on 2017 – Marvel Entertainment Sohu to cooperate with the ABC drama "alien" aired on 2017 (the Sohu entertainment package ah) Marvel again in cooperation with ABC, the new "alien" (The Inhumans) will be broadcast on ABC in the autumn of 2017. Although before Marvel’s plan is to be "alien" adapted into a movie shooting, but now canceled the plan selection and ABC studios, together to create a reality TV series to diffuse the first quarter, a total of 8 episodes, aired next year. Perhaps to make up for movies without regret, "alien" of the first two parts of the IMAX rally in cinemas for two weeks, released in 2017 September. The producer and details of being unknown "alien", is certainly "alien" is not "" Aegis Bureau agents (Agents of SHIELD) is the focus of the story sequel, fictional super human race — alien, the protagonist is black and his alien royal family of wushu. The alien was first unveiled at the 1965 comic "Fantastic Four", by Stan Lee (Stan Lee) and Jack Kobe (Jack Kirby) creation, alien alien race is Kerrey had conducted experiments in the transformation of the human body on the result of carrying foreign gene will awaken in contact with the Tairuigen after the fog. ABC station had previously developed diffuse Wei Carter (Agent Carter), after the broadcast was canceled two seasons. The Avengers TV series "derived" Aegis Bureau agents in the fourth quarter is ABC broadcast. Recent marvel and Hulu streaming media cooperation, the development of TV drama "diffuse change fugitive brother (Runaways)," X "X-Men" spinoff "group" (Legion) next year will be premiered on FX.相关的主题文章: