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Million years Pavilion and the ancient bridge, you are my high temperature wait for thousands of years – Sohu tourism 36 degrees, the city is too hot. Go to the countryside. The so-called summer, inseparable from the village, and the woods. "Township" is a place called three village, not far from the urban area of Chenzhou, drove half an hour to the. The three rivers converge into the river, so called the three village village. The river flows through the village in the village, the ancient ancient bridge ancient stage, ancient stories and legends. Pick up the morning, the sun is not so strong, wipe the thick sunscreen of. The car stopped outside the village, alighting from the entrance to the village, the road into the village field. That’s how I met her. The entrance of the river, flowing quietly, cypress trees, those hundreds of thousands of years of maple, camphor tree, beside her quietly Shouhou, those known or unknown flowers and plants, tightly surrounded her. They said she was very old, and for hundreds of years. Once a year, around the young people fell in love, always hand in hand on her walk, can take old. She made many lovers, for fear that she could not remember. Time is always relentless. She is old. When I was young, how many young people have been chasing? Once the flute boy, in the moon Dongsheng night in the woods blowing into the moonlight, Xiao, slowly, Xiao Long melody, as if weeping and complaining, blowing a night after night…… Or, and riding boy, facing the sun, about every night the vine trees faint crow for her…… . eventually paid the wrong boys, they paid the wrong time. God has given her, just a bridge mission, Queqiao Du 5000 years of marriage. She secretly breakdown, this is how many years? She has forgotten. We from her past, the ancient forest shade block the sun seems from back to the present. Relaxed and cheerful. Heaven and earth wide. No sad love, he was in front of the bridge and the profile of surprise. Thousands of years across the river above the pavilion, rather than a pavilion bridge. The river is not wide, the bridge is not long, but don’t be induced in the beam to column bridge hanging paintings, so the bridge has become aura, a bookish. More like a well read is preparing to Beijing exam scholar. At this time, accompanied with the river of the water gurgling waves, reciting poetry. Or, idle, opposite the window The reed, read a poem: Book of Songs Jianjia gray, White Dew cream, the so-called Iraqi people, in the water side…… The student. The crisp sound of the wind blowing through the trees, was blown to her ear. Prolonged, he read the poem of a hundred years, a hundred years, she was a hundred years, a hundred years…… . she is endowed with him, just a bridge mission, she is a bridge to marriage. He is a man for the rest of the bridge. He had not met her, would miss many years? Listen to the wind, the wind of his, told her gently, he has been pursuing. The river flowing quietly, his love, and her life should wait or decide on what path to follow? Wait a hundred years of spring and autumn.相关的主题文章: