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Millionaire was murdered for extortion to kill the beggar original title: kidnapping millionaires after unsuccessful kill principal pipansihuan November 11th morning, Leshan City Intermediate People’s Court of Muchuan concern the building boss kidnapping was an open verdict, the defendant Yang Moumou guilty of intentional assault, intentional homicide, the crime of rape, robbery; graft, decided to implement the death penalty, suspended for two years, deprived of political rights for life, and fined fifteen thousand yuan; the remaining defendants were sentenced to 8 years to 20 years. The crime of kidnapping and killing the boss: building, 6 people were arrested on December 9, 2014 at 10 pm, Muchuan County Public Security Bureau received a public warning, Mu River police station rushed to the scene, the diagnosis and treatment of 120 emergency doctors to determine the victims have obvious wounds on the body, has died. There are some police and onlookers recognize that the deceased is a construction company in Muchuan Huang Moumou, 50 years old. According to the site investigation and investigation visits, the police quickly locked a white car without a major crime suspects. Soon, the 6 suspects have been arrested. After killing the boss behind: premeditated forced long-term blackmail according to police, after the identification of the trial, in December 5, 2014, the suspect Yang Moumou casino grounds, mustered his cellmate Zou Moumou, surname Wang and Liu, Xie Moumou and Moumou to Muchuan, but not the police combat plan burst. Then, the 6 kidnapping extortion money, I heard that the Muchuan construction company boss Huang Moumou is a multimillionaire, then plan to kidnap after forcing the killing of beggars, and obtain the "evidence" to handle, Huang Long from somewhere illegal profit. In December 9, 2014 21 PM, Liu Xiang, Huang Moumou to Ganzi tracking after the notice of Yang Moumou, Yang Moumou then arrange the surname Wang, Li Moumou, Xie Moumou to the squat. 22 PM, Huang Moumou in opening the door to the car, three knife forward, "but the Yellow boss was relatively tall and burly, fought, three people can’t control." Police investigators, see kidnapping fail, afraid of things brought to light, three people took the hands of cutter scarification Huang Moumou then fled. After the incident, the police found Yang Moumou, who rent housing, rental housing, there are two of them detained by the beggar, a man fled, another person was rescued by the police. Verdict: principal was sentenced to death, suspended for two years it is understood that the principal Yang Moumou is a native of Muchuan, nicknamed "big throat", in the period from 2000 to 2006, was sentenced for the crime of intentional injury. According to the "criminal law" provisions of People’s Republic of China, Leshan City Intermediate People’s court verdict: defendant Yang Moumou guilty of intentional assault, sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve, deprivation of political rights for life; guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 9 years imprisonment; guilty of rape and sentenced to two years imprisonment; guilty of robbery and sentenced eight years imprisonment, fined fifteen thousand yuan; graft, decided to implement the death penalty, suspended for two years, deprived of political rights for life, and fined fifteen thousand yuan. Defendant Wang Moumou, Kay相关的主题文章: