Ministry of Civil Affairs a total of more than 4 thousand and 200 Martyrs Memorial facilities to pro candy candy

The Ministry of Civil Affairs: National Martyrs Memorial facilities protection units more than 4 thousand and 200 – Beijing, Beijing, September 20, according to the Ministry of civil affairs website news, September 6, 2016, approved by the State Council, the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced the Sixth Batch of 96 national Martyrs Memorial facilities list. It is understood that the current total of more than 4 thousand and 200 Martyrs Memorial unit protection facilities, the annual reception organization at the party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, schools and other units and the commemoration of martyrs to more than 10 times, the masses to sweep the 1.5 million passengers, is about to promote the spirit of the martyrs, the development of the revolutionary tradition education and cultivate the important place of socialist core values the. The implementation of the martyrs memorial facilities protection management, national Martyrs Memorial facilities 277, mainly at the expense of the struggle in the memory of martyrs of major events, important campaigns and major revolutionary base, or have an important impact on the famous martyrs, China revolutionary struggle sacrifice famous international friends, it is more important to commemorate the significance, construction the management level is relatively high, the typical demonstration role in praise, publicity, education and other aspects of the more prominent. The approval of the national Martyrs Memorial facilities, both reflect the Long March period cemetery in Guizhou Xishui Qing Gang Po Red Army martyrs is also reflected in the period of Anti Japanese War, Shandong Feixian County martyrs cemetery, reflect the liberation war of the Liaoning Tashan zujizhan Memorial Cemetery of martyrs; both individual based Henan general Ji Hongchang Memorial hall, also commemorate the heroes group of Jiangsu Liu Lao Zhuang eighty-two martyrs cemetery. These martyrs memorial facilities, although buried in different periods of the martyrs memorial, but promote the love of the motherland, loyal to the people, selfless dedication, the courage to sacrifice the spirit of martyrs is the same, permanent commemoration, we cherish the memory of the martyrs, not forget an important spiritual force in the beginning of the heart, take the new Long March road. The Ministry of civil affairs in the published list of requirements at the same time, the country should further strengthen the protection and management of the martyrs memorial facilities, standardize services, improve the management level; a solid job of martyrs deeds excavated and organized propaganda, exhibition efforts; organize the sweep, memorial martyr activities actively, give full play to national Martyrs Memorial facilities in the heritage of the red gene, cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, to carry out patriotic education and other aspects of the leading role of the demonstration.相关的主题文章: