Miyato Kuro will write 19 years for the 2020 Olympic theme River preheating entertainment Sohu ca1806

Miyato Kuro will write 19 years for the 2020 Olympic theme River – Sohu entertainment Sohu Miyato Kuro preheat Entertainment (NHK compiler Domino) in 16 officially announced the 2019 taiga drama project, also officially open the new river play by who penned the morning show "sea girl" Miyato Ku Lang, the screenwriter, follow the route of innovation. > > > > learn more on entertainment information, please enter the Sohu video channel drama in 2019 from Japan for the first time to participate in the river play time of the Olympic Games in 1912 to the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, after a lapse of 33 years once again focus on modern history, "Japan and the Olympic Games" as the theme, take innovative new route. The hero of the current stock market has not yet been determined, NHK said the uncertainty will enable real characters or overhead role starring role, may also have multiple hero relay, there will be many players play sports. Miyato Kuro said he was not willing to write taiga drama, because of the historical figures is not very understanding, but NHK says you can also write overhead characters, this innovation also feel very good. He said the new river play will be closer to the portrait series, hope that through the historical changes of the 52 years of the show depicts the vicissitude of city and people. The new style of the river drama really look forward to.相关的主题文章: