Mo Yan Children’s excellent, saturated with the sweat of their parents. Sohu – verbal jint

Mo Yan: Children’s excellent, saturated with the sweat of their parents. Sohu mother Wen Mo Yan when I was younger with mother to glean, the mother was the keeper of a slap in the face, after many years, my mother and I once again with the keeper in the market to meet, the keeper is grey-haired old, I think the past revenge, but his mother persuaded her mother just said, this sentence: "son, the man who hit me and this man is not a person", this is my family. Each person received from the first born is the family education, the biggest impact is the family education, the education has taught words and even I feel that example is better than precept. You live in this family, your elders, your loved ones, they are a kind of way to treat work, treat others, I would like to have a very direct impact on children. Therefore, I think there is a good family tradition, is very favorable for the growth of children. 1 good parents are learned. There are no successful parents and no parents who don’t need to learn. I have met so many good parents, no one is easy to achieve the success of children. An excellent mother even said, a lot of people think I am very relaxed, so good that your children do not have control, as everyone knows, I even sleep at night in fact have a eyes are open! Good mother nip in the bud, and the failure of the mother, child’s problem has been very even worse, teachers have to find the child talk, she is still not aware of the existence of the problem. Shen Liping, the country’s first outstanding mother, was a painter. In order to study painting, not only to the University, but also to the central Academy of Fine Arts education; not only to buy books, but also visited countless exhibitions, listening to countless academic report. But they never realize that children should also take the time, until the child after the crash led to severe physical disability, she began to truly become a mother, and because of their efforts, and ultimately help children overcome disabilities. In twenty-first Century, information society on people’s quality requirements more and more high, any posts require training and assessment, but it seems that only give birth to a child without education training, it will automatically work and never laid off, in fact, this understanding is wrong. Everyone has to learn relevant knowledge before they become a parent. The earlier, the better, the better, the better. 2 good parents should be careful. I have met hundreds of good parents, they have one thing in common is the effort in the education of children! Some people may say that there are so many parents are illiterate, not education a good child? In fact, illiteracy is not education, these parents are also the master of education children. The "focus" program has introduced the world Middle School Mathematical Olympiad gold medal winner An Jinpeng deeds. His family is very poor, admitted to a key middle school, have no money, my father said to let the children go to work, the people on the university do not work, and you can not be admitted to the university did not know. But.相关的主题文章: