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Mom listen to the recipe almost ruined children, method of treatment of thrush Zuiji Sohu mother two days to your baby, the baby always turned to drink. Not a baby would not suck, just touched my nipples on the baby crying, check my nipples also do not have what problem ah. Recall that the diet did not eat spicy. What the hell is going on here? There is no one who has experience, but I decided to hold the baby next door to ask aunt. After listening to my description, the mother seriously said to me: "six month old baby can not express their ideas, can only rely on careful observation of adults to determine the state of the baby. You young people lack experience." Then, the aunt touched the baby’s forehead, no fever. And let the baby to open his mouth, I was shocked, there are a lot of white original baby’s lips and mouth, like oral ulcer like. In the aunt’s help, I finally found the crux of the problem. I just need to hold the baby on the hospital, and she said to me: "the washing water after one week, to the child’s mouth with tongue lavage, to wash several times after effect". After washing two times to the baby, the baby’s condition did not improve. In the evening, the baby suddenly launched a high fever, and white spots in the mouth canker. At a loss, the mother can only take the baby to the hospital, the doctor’s diagnosis, the baby got sepsis due to infection, fortunately, the baby sent in a timely manner, if sent a few days later, there is danger. Experts say thrush, also known as the "thrush", "white paste" is a relatively common stomatitis. The main symptoms are: oral pain, so that the baby refused to diet, tongue and mouth wall may appear milky yellow or white spots. The usual diet of normal children, always does not stop crying antifeedant, parents should first check the baby’s mouth, to see whether it is suffering from thrush. If the baby is suffering from thrush, parents should give the baby to treatment in a timely manner, so that the baby will soon be restored to normal diet. The treatment method is simple after feeding, will be installed in 10% purple medicine bottle dry water droplets in baby tongue, the tongue of the purple lotion to the activities of the oral mucosa, every drop of 2~3. At the same time, vitamin B and vitamin C tablets can be crushed into powder, add water dissolved and fed to the baby, 2 times a day, each of the 1 tablets. In addition, new mothers can also adopt the method using the case of aunt, namely water scrubbing with sodium bicarbonate oral disinfection cotton wool dipped in 2%, and then 1% gentian violet affected area, 1–2 times a day. During treatment, parents should let the baby drink plenty of water. Because the baby is not willing to eat because of the pain, do not want to suck, then parents should be patient with a spoon slowly feeding the baby, in order to ensure the baby’s nutritional intake. But we should pay attention to avoid taking too much acid, too salty or too much food, so as not to cause the baby’s mouth pain. Usually use a few days after the symptoms will disappear, but the thrush are particularly vulnerable to repeated attacks, so parents should be in a few days after the disappearance of symptoms to continue medication, to consolidate curative effect, avoid recurrence, as a cure).相关的主题文章: