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MPV want to grab 60 thousand yuan Baojun rice than car speed is where sacred? – Sohu car a brand new, released on the launch of two production models, but also announced the pre sale price, so that the efficiency is really rare in the industry. November 8th, faster than the speed of the car brand release cum new car was held in their hometown of Chongqing, faster than M3, T3 two new cars unveiled and announced the pre price. I believe that most of the friends turned out than the speed car brand is still very strange, the models of the competition and how it, the truth will come for you to uncover laboratory fast cars than the truth. Mention specific speed car, most of my friends should be very strange, because this is really a very young car, released from the network information, than the speed car brand was founded in April 2015, belongs to Chongqing than speed Automobile Co. and the latter is Chongqing Yinxiang industrial group to build its own brand automobile manufacturing enterprise. Than the speed car now has covers an area of 1000 mu, building area of 350 thousand square meters of production base, the base includes stamping, welding, painting, assembly and other production line. Faster than the car’s products are mainly concentrated in SUV, MPV and new energy vehicles, etc.. We all know that Chongqing Silver Cheung industrial group was founded in 1997, is the production and sales of motorcycle products to grow and develop. 2010 Chongqing Yinxiang industrial group and Beijing Automobile Group joint venture automobile enterprises Beiqi Silver Cheung company, as Beijing auto Holdings subsidiary, the company became the southwest base and export platform to build the Beijing Automotive Group, we are familiar with the main products is Beiqi magic speed brand models. But as a production motorcycle developed industrial company, it can be said that the first step Chongqing inxiang into the passenger car market is through a joint venture with BAIC established Beiqi Silver Cheung implementation. Rather than Chongqing Speed Vehicle Co. Ltd, formerly known as Beijing Kate special automobile Limited company, from the "make only superficial changes modified type passenger cars, pickup trucks for passenger car production enterprises to upgrade vehicle production enterprises". Ministry of industry and the Ministry of Public Security issued in January 21st the 281st batch of "vehicle production enterprises and product announcements" shows the origin of faster than the car production qualification. Than the speed car brand and we are familiar with Beiqi magic speed brand can be said to be a sister relationship, rather than the car speed to its position is higher than that of Beiqi magic speed brand. In October 27th, T3 and M3 than the speed two models of the official line, in such a short period of time on the launch of the launch vehicle, and the two models can be found on the Beiqi magic speed models of the shadow, so the relationship between the specific speed and Beiqi magic speed of these two brands is self-evident. Faster than the speed of the car on the launch of two levels of models, one is the positioning of small SUV than the speed of T3, and the other is the positioning of the home MPV faster than M3. From the overall design style, the main consumer groups for young lower, or young consumers, the design added many popular elements, such as integrated headlamps and grille grille connection, large size and double color body, a lot of chrome plating and silver black interior color collocation and so on. [faster than T3] in body size.相关的主题文章: