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Travel-and-Leisure Mumbai Hotels One among the most important cities in India, Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and the hub of business and finance. Mumbai is the most populas city in the world. Mumbai is the group of seven islands and got its name from the goddess Mumbadevi worshipped by the fishermen. It is located on the Salsette Island on the western Maharashtra. The city has a Port, which handles half of the passenger traffic of Mumbai along with a natural harbor and cargo hub. The people from all over India due to its business opportunities, high standard of living, throng Mumbai. It has the most important financial institutions like National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, Reserve Bank of India and the main offices of many leading .panies. Apart from this Mumbai is known for Bollywood. Thousands of people .e here and struggle here for years together to get into the film industry. Even many fans of Bollywood actors and actress .e here to take their glimpses and autographs. When you will visit this place you will find that the city never sleeps even in midnight the shops and hotels are open. It is somewhat .pared to Las Vegas with a rejuvenating and fun-filled nightlife with Nightclubs, Restaurants and discotheques to rock you .pletely. Major sites of the city that should not be missed by the tourists or visitors are Marine Drive known as Queen’s necklace where you will find hanging gardens and Kamala Nehru Park where you can enjoy with your family and friends. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus formerly known after the name of the Queen of England Victoria Terminus has attractive sculpture with fine looking structures and intricate designs of animals and birds is worth seeing. Also we have Gateway of India, Elephant Caves, Prince of wales Museum and many more. To experience the essence of life in Mumbai you have be in Mumbai go on for long walks on chowpatty and taste the mouthwatering dishes like wada pav, pav bhaji, and pani puri but don’t forget to sip the coconut milk and fresh cream. Take a stroll in the night you could see the whole city illuminated with lights giving a different perspective of Mumbai altogether. Mumbai is better known as the .mercial capital of India and that is why it is a city, which sees hundreds of thousand of domestic as well as international travelers every year. This traffic of travelers and tourists is rightly balanced by almost thousands of hotels in Mumbai. Here you can find hotels lined up for every budget. You can find the world class luxuries hotels generally suited to international tourists that have every other facility a international tourist can look forward to. Not only that, food is something that is equally close to expedition in this city. You can find hundreds of mouthwatering local dishes as well as the international cuisines from across all the continents. For international tourists most of hotels in Mumbai also offer some great vacation packages. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: