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As the financial problem: the payment of the license is still in negotiations or limited LETV financial consumer scene problem: license free and scene trapped with LETV finally unveiled financial software and announced strategic planning. Since June, LETV on-line financial APP to 9· the 19 section on the NiuDao electric fans, and then to the "eleven" movie file "borrow", as the financial opening attracted a lot of attention. However, after the lively, put in front of the music, as there are many financial problems. At present, as the music finance only holds a small loan and factoring two licenses, how to support the overall layout of the music as the financial? The unity of the scene and the flow of the entrance of the limitations, how to make music as a financial breakthrough in the fierce competition? What’s more, as the music itself financial products, there are some flaws. The license plate from the short LETV financial website, the financial service is divided into four sections as small loans, LETV wealth, LETV payment and LETV seec. However, at present, as the hands of the hands of only a small loan finance and factoring license. As the financial controller Wang Yongli had said to the media, as music has just got a private equity fund license, insurance brokers are also talking about, there are other licenses, including the payment of licenses are also in negotiations. And all this support, is to pay the license. As the holding financial aspects of the person in charge of public relations secretary Manchester told the author, in the heart of Wang Yongli, the financial payment of each ecological series, series of the financial payment license, is the most basic, the group is also required to finance. However, as the financial now to get paid a license, easier said than done. Since 2011, the central bank has issued a license to pay 270, in addition to the removal of the 3 institutions due to the violation of the cancellation of the license, currently available on the market to pay an effective license only 267. According to industry sources, last year’s bid price of 2~3 billion yuan to pay the license, this year has been raised to 600 million yuan or even the price of $800 million. Millet finance as an example, in January this year to 600 million yuan acquisition of the third party payment Tong Jie Fu rui. After the acquisition, millet Holdings 65%. According to business registration information, the legal representative of the Tong Jie Fu Rui Lei, the business includes Internet payment, mobile phone payment and bank card acquiring business scope, covering the whole country. Also started as a result of hardware and music into the financial, want to find the path of millet finance, with 600 million yuan or even higher price to pay the license, the need is not only courage, but also the strength. "Wang is certainly want to make payment before some payment on the license, and also in the group on specific matters. The key is that we spend so much money to acquire the value of the license can be generated by the parties to cover these costs, including the current payment industry there are many uncertainties, so we are still internal communication." As the holding financial aspects of the person in charge of public relations, said the author emily. It is understood that the current music as the main payment services used by the financial union. This lack of payment license, whether the development of music as caused by financial constraints? Pay is indeed a foundation, the future direction is a large information management, there is a license to pay for the music as a whole to get through the ecological significance. But as music, after all, just started, is still focused on the use of music as the ecological layout." Emily said manchester. Practitioners.相关的主题文章: