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Nanjing purchase on the first day of divorced couples over 300 to the public: the purchase of reminders of Nanjing: original title soared 50% to buy four months the number of divorce: Nanjing property market restriction on the first day of divorced couples over 300 talk less about the feelings of Nanjing in September 26th is more than the house purchase on the first day that the implementation of the real estate transaction registration center of overseas Chinese road is still full of people still, but the market has changed, a lot of second-hand housing owners purchase as "second-hand housing supply", have a price hike. Some developers had a false start, some developers to postpone the opening, some developers high-profile claims will be price increases. Yesterday, there is a very lively place in Nanjing – Civil Affairs Bureau divorce registry, according to the Modern Express reported that the surge in the number of divorces, some claiming to be the purchase of the new deal reminder. Run with the new deal, in September 25th, Nanjing finally set out to subscribe for 1570 sets, the transaction sets of new homes in the record of 1604, is the peak of the weekend of two times. 26 of the subscription and transaction data is greatly reduced, to 20 points, Nanjing new home subscription volume of 174 units, turnover of 596 sets. However, just one day of data can not prove that the market heat down. In general, the subscription amount will not be a lot of Monday, the amount of 174 sets and a few Monday before too much difference. And that’s what happened on Sunday when a lot of subscriptions were overdrawn." Insiders believe that the purchase of the policy will take time to digest. Nanjing purchase order exempt second-hand housing, provisions of the Nanjing local people purchase only for new homes. This is a lot of second-hand property for second-hand housing to supply ", 26 in Nanjing, a lot of second-hand owner temporary increase or simply do not sell back. Nanjing purchase of a new deal, many people laugh for the first time: to divorce. 26 is the first day of the implementation of the purchase, according to the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs statistics, as at 5:30 on the afternoon of 26, Nanjing has married to the couple, there are also 340 couples broke up. And last year’s day, 114 couples divorced. Modern Express reporter visited found that the divorce registration room to talk about the most is not the feelings, but the purchase, the house. Yesterday morning around 9, Xuanwu District marriage registration office received the first pair of divorced couples, the old couple about age sixty or seventy. Into the divorce registration room after about half an hour to do the formalities. "This is not to buy a divorce, we don’t know, they don’t say, fill the reason is" discord "," Xuanwu District marriage registration office staff said, but the divorce agreement left in doubt has a property in their name, and finally to the man all. Gulou District divorce registration room yesterday is also very lively. 8:40 in the morning, there are already twenty or thirty people lined up at the door. 8:55 separate door, then take the number of machines on the divorce registration has been ranked 22. Said to be a divorce, but can not see a bad feeling. Some couples holding hands, some couples sit together, talking and laughing. A lot of people also talk, write a property, children and other family privacy information divorce agreement to share with each other. "You don’t write well, you need to print, you can’t write." "In accordance with the template to write, all over the property to a person’s name on the line." And a couple in the lobby. "What is the problem of divorce, remarry is two days later." ".相关的主题文章: