Naotiangong to eat the old Why China can not do animation

"Naotiangong" to eat the old? Why do not China animated film when "Kung Fu Panda" or "ice age" when released, the box office rosy that cartoon always has its own market. Just a lot of families with children to bring their children to the cinema join, many female viewers are interested in cartoons and love. This year’s hot "crazy animal city" brush a wave of praise, many adorable image of the animal so that many viewers unable to restrain the emotions awaited sequel. But these animation masterpiece, but there is no Chinese cartoon figure, even if the "big fish" and "Begonia before Mahatma return" is also quite good, but the overall quality compared to top animation as there is a certain gap. So why do we now lack the quality of high quality animation? In fact, if you look back on a Chinese at the end of the century to animation works is also many, such as "naotiangong" and "Little Tadpole Looking for Mom" animation are flavor, is a typical Chinese style animation, and the evaluation in foreign cartoon critics have achieved good. It can be said that at that time is a good period of development of the animation, but with the deepening of economic reform, but the quality of the animation is less and less. Some people say that this is the reason for the market, because of the pursuit of profit, the production of the film is not enough to cause the quality of the film, is it true? The classic animated "havoc in heaven" is Hayao Miyazaki’s cartoon is not the pursuit of profit? DreamWorks Animation does not make a lot of money? Obviously the market is not a fundamental reason for the lack of animation boutique. The opposite market will bring more money, assuming cartoons are really popular, the box office is rosy, there must be a lot of talent and capital into the market. In fact, the market will bring a favorable opportunity for the development of animation, it is never to kill black cartoon. The reality of the situation does not appear in the animation boutique, resulting in the market heat is not high, thus limiting the inflow of funds, such a cycle is one of the reasons why the animation market has been less prosperous. So why is it hard to appear? I think there are two main reasons. Positioning is too narrow and therefore not enough to draw a wide range of materials is not widely enough, and now China’s animation has not created too many classic image. Recall Sun Wukong, Captain Black and blue rat BB image is still a lot of people in the traditional understanding of animated characters. In recent years, the rise of the pleasant goat and grey wolf "and" bear "series of" head "animation audience is too small. These images are a lot of children’s favorite, but with the growth of children, the attractiveness of these images is getting smaller and smaller. For young people or adults, these images on the price can not set off the waves of people’s minds. Pleasant goat image is not wide enough audience in Japan Anime, "One Piece", "Naruto" and other works is a lot of young hot pursuit works. Although there are a lot of Japanese animation routines, such as blood and element two are always full of multiple works, but after all these animation works available beginning in the delineation of the object.相关的主题文章: