Narrow market focus on the consumer sector shocks

The market within a narrow range on the consumer sector – long and short swordfight private believes that the fourth quarter of A shares to maintain a high probability pattern of cabinet finishing, the layout of automobile and home appliances and other large consumer segment and the demand for real integration of industrial chain of listed companies, such as PPP for hot plate callback. If Hong Kong stocks adjust, there are structural opportunities. – reporter Cao Chengyu China ready to shock the Securities News: the recent market hot wheels frequently, there is no admission of incremental funding, out of the box to need what opportunity? Liu Tianjun: Overall, short term is difficult to change the characteristics of the market, the stock of the game in the shock box, which is decided by the stage of the fundamentals of the economic downturn, the financial idle. Recent market hot wheels frequently, in fact, reflects the weak pattern of the market. The shock box means "on the top, bottom, out of the market to the box needs to try hard from two directions, one is the" top "to break the reform must make the real landing, the end of financial idling, off real to virtual state; the two is the" bottom "is more real, practical to reduce the social cost of financing micro economic profitability continued to improve. Chen Yu: in the context of the gradual deepening of regulation, the sidelines of the strong wait-and-see sentiment, incremental capital approach is difficult to achieve large-scale approach in the short term. In the structural market, the subject shares have a greater chance of environmental protection PPP, AR, Hengda and other hot wheels frequently. As the hot spot gradually active, can be expected to slowly upward, index. China Securities Journal: A shares in the four quarter, how to judge? Liu Tianjun: in the four quarter, A shares probably rate to maintain a narrow range pattern, ready to. In the long run, the general downturn in the global economy, excess money, high-yield assets are scarce for a long time, in the short term, the interest rate down space is limited, the bond market bubble highlights the value of the asset allocation of equity. Once the A shares H shares, will not rule out a wave of compensatory growth of the stock market rose. Chen Yun: Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities within a narrow range pattern in the fourth quarter to break.相关的主题文章: