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Network about cars today officially legalized China easy to drops is this response network about cars Phoenix Technology News   news; November 1st, "Interim Measures" online booking taxi management service management formally implemented, which means that the network about the car from the legal status. The bill on July 28th by the Ministry of transport and other seven ministries jointly issued a clear legal status of the network about the car, but a provisional measures in one policy principle although the management authority delegated to local government. With the network about the rules of the car baked, many cities limit household registration, license plates, vehicle standards, in the industry caused a lot of controversy. According to the regulations, private cars into the network about cars need to meet the following basic requirements: 7 and below the passenger car; installed with vehicle driving record function of satellite positioning device, emergency alarm device; the vehicle technical performance to meet the requirements of the relevant standards of safety operation. At the same time, the network about car mileage to 600 thousand km when forced to scrap; mileage is not up to 600 thousand km, but the service life of up to 8 years, about the exit of the car business. On the net about the car driver’s requirements are more stringent, in addition to the required prior to the announcement of the draft of the age over 3 years; the recent period of 3 scoring record is not out of mind, no record of liability for traffic accident caused the death of a person, no drunk driving, chase Race Driving and other illegal records "the new regulations, also said to the driver" traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no drug use, no record of violence". For today’s formal implementation of the network booking taxi service management Interim Measures, China, easy to, drops and other companies have made a response. China said that after the announcement of the rules, will be adjusted and improved in accordance with specific requirements. At present, the Shenzhou car basically meets the requirements of vehicle around the network about cars, all drivers after careful screening, training and strict management. Easy to believe that the network about the new deal given the legal status of the industry, but also on the industry put forward higher requirements. Easy to always actively promote compliance with the law, easy to be in accordance with the requirements of the new deal to actively apply for qualification, and scientific optimization of existing business. Didi said that over the past three weeks around the network about the implementation details of the car during the comments, drops actively communicate with the authorities in charge of the report, combing the specific views. In the new policy environment, drops will actively cooperate with relevant departments to strengthen the standardized management. China responded to the "Interim Measures" online booking taxi business service management will be implemented on November 1, 2016, means that the network about cars to obtain legal status, while clearly by the local competent department shall be responsible for the specific implementation. Some cities have introduced the network about the rules of the car, but the official management approach has not yet been announced. To be announced after the rules, we will be adjusted and improved in accordance with specific requirements. At present, the Shenzhou car vehicles are local license, more than B level vehicle, most of them are basically in line with the new car, around the net about vehicle on vehicle. Shenzhou car since its inception, always in strict accordance with the Ministry of Transport Supervision and carry out the spirit of high-quality, differentiated network about car service, all vehicles are in conformity with the requirements, all drivers after careful screening, training and strict management. Easy.相关的主题文章: