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Net exposure in arrears wages: teach the school as soon as possible to deal with Beijing, Sichuan Online – Bazhong news (reporter Zhu Rongjie) "we help young people to work soon, mortgage, car loan, children need cost." In October 24th, a suspected Bazhong Career Technical College staff known as "Pakistan post wage earners" users in a network of community schools in post Tucao staff wages, "said even if the minimum living requirements are not up, we expect peace of mind to teach?" pleaded for school wage arrears. According to the net posts, Bazhong Career Technical College has been in most of the staff wages from 2016 to January, September that a school on the issue, now at the end of October, still did not materialize, "asked the leaders do not know, ask the hospital leaders do not know, there is no answer." Netizen "Pakistan vocational workers hope through social media allow schools to honor his promise, and said, which represent the majority of college faculty. Pakistan. "At first, I wanted to quit. But think of the children in the class, and some do not give up." The article, "Pakistan vocational workers said that as Bazhong Career Technical College teacher, along the way, and the school has experienced a variety of groundless talk, there is a deep affection for the school, can understand, because the early stages of development, can work together to overcome difficulties, but cannot bear to deceive. After the issue of the text, some netizens began to support. Some users to support the Career Technical College, Bazhong, teachers take legal proceedings. There are even friends out of the school for three years to change the number of school leadership, and to question it, more users are willing to pay attention to the regulatory authorities in Bazhong, the only one college regulatory issues. Does the Bazhong Career Technical College really exist in the phenomenon of arrears of wages of staff and workers, which, Sichuan online reporter interviewed the person in charge of the school. The reason why people say this is because the school has some of the teachers want to get paid immediately." The school office director Yang said, not because of arrears of wages, wages in September 8, has been sent to the school teacher, even the original left school security wage pay. Yang introduced, because of the recent accounting personnel on the school adjustment account, originally borrowed money, the reimbursement is not handled properly, resulting in January to July was a part, owe a part of the many point less, the school will handle this matter as soon as possible. According to the netizen proposed by the school in three years the number of leadership on this issue, Yang said, because the school is a private college student, staff than public schools easier, some people find more suitable for his position will leave this is normal in. According to the data, Bazhong Career Technical College is the first university in Bazhong, in 2013 2 menstrual Sichuan Provincial People’s government for approval, the Ministry of education, sponsored by the Bazhong AI Lin Industrial Co. Ltd., Sichuan Province Education Department in charge for the implementation of college level higher occupation education based full-time private colleges. It is understood that the school organizers in Bazhong developed the construction of the "fengzeyuan" event was that the owners and the local government a "real", has repeatedly petition to higher authorities, some netizens worry.相关的主题文章: