Net exposure of a pesticide company in Yangzhou will be built from the residential area of less than poper

Net exposure Yangzhou a pesticide enterprise R & D building will be built 300 meters away from residential areas lack of net exposure Yangzhou pesticide chemical enterprises will build R & D building, residential area less than 300 meters away from the Modern Express News (reporter Zang Xiaosong) recently, the Yangzhou people claimed that the Yangnong research building to build to less than 300 meters away the surrounding area, nearby residents said, the plots of land use planning for " ", the financial business;; not build Yangnong the research building, research building construction worry use will cause pollution to the surrounding environment, affecting the health of residents. Modern Express reporter learned that the residents of " Yangnong research building project, the actual " " Yangnong yoja R & D center project ". At noon on September 25th, the official Yangzhou high tech Industrial Development Zone micro-blog @ Yangzhou high tech Zone on the matter of the response: Recently, Yangnong yoja R & D center to settle the issue caused widespread concern in the surrounding area residents. In this regard, the Yangzhou high tech Zone Management Committee attaches great importance to, through research, it is noted: one is the strict environmental protection projects, projects such as the existence of the problem of environmental pollution, will not be settled; two is the strict project control, urban management departments to strengthen inspections, the project EIA procedures for approval, not to start construction.相关的主题文章: