Network about the new deal supporting the recent landing of the local version of the deposit dispute

Network about the new deal supporting the recent landing of the local version of the deposit dispute – Sohu car with the network about the new deal implemented into the car a month countdown, the relevant supporting details will be dense landing. In September 28th, the "Economic Information Daily" reporters from the Ministry of transport routine briefing that the Interim Measures for the administration of the end of July, net about deepening the reform of taxi car after the release, "online booking taxi service standards" and a series of matching rules have also been recently released to formulate complete. At the same time, in accordance with the policy of a city, all transportation departments in research related to the implementation of plan and regulation. It is worth noting that, at present, the local version of the network about the new car is in a critical period of policy and public opinion interactive run, controversy continues. The Ministry of transport spokesman Xu Chengguang introduced at the press conference, the deepening of reform and the network distance taxi car about the Interim Measures issued for two months, during the transportation department to modify the "Regulations" management of taxi driver qualification and "taxi management service management regulations" two departmental regulations, and released in September 9th. At the same time, the development of industry standards "online booking taxi service standards", to seek the views of the public, and according to the comments, the standards were revised and improved, the recent implementation will be released. In addition, the Ministry of transportation is organizing the construction of a network of appointment taxi regulatory information exchange platform, innovative means of supervision by means of information technology, improve industry regulatory capacity. And, in conjunction with relevant departments in accordance with the provisions of the two documents, on the network about cars online identification, the whole process of supervision, the meter timing matters related to equipment, vehicle registration and driver background review, study and formulate supporting rules for the operation, to be released in the near future. According to the requirements of local transportation departments to local conditions, a city of a policy, in line with the development of the reform of the local conditions and implementation rules, make the implementation of the policy ground work. Reporters noted that some of the local rules are currently seeking public opinion triggered a major controversy. "There is now some local governments in the development of local network about car policy, excessive set of administrative license, especially on the quantity control and qualification setting the traditional taxi management in the network, for about the car and taxi even more stringent management as like as two peas. This is actually a distortion of central policy." Wang Jingbo, President of the Institute of government ruled by law, China University of Political Science and Law suggested that in terms of regulation, should be the traditional tube, tube car, to the direction of the operation of the tube changes. (Editor: Xiao misty)相关的主题文章: