New adventures or expansion packs Hearthstone legend official release mysterious pictures

New adventures or expansion packs? Hearthstone legend official release [Abstract] recently, hearthstone legend in the official website of Instagram released a new picture, causing players to guess. The official release of the mysterious image on the official Instagram page: magic crystal, Pirates of the mysterious image of gold on the map, postcards and before garkisen illustrations, the envelope is written: Wish you were here, use the subjunctive mood, "if you had been here, Xiao Bian think of the song Avril and the lost youth…… A game player resumed discussions of overseas users recognize the words on the gold may be the Latin Absolute Dominion (absolute rule), Bloodsail and neutral goblin camp is the hostile relations between the famous, the only way is to go to Gadgetzan Bloodsail prestige the city to kill the goblin, then the new version will not be relevant and Goblin? The official has issued a "hearthstone garkisen evening thirty-second" seventh edition, Eighth Edition and Ninth Edition: hearthstone Gadgetzan evening thirty-second seventh edition hearthstone garkisen evening thirty-second eighth edition hearthstone garkisen evening thirty-second ninth version of the official micro-blog had also issued a picture to pass "Gadgetzan": micro-blog official hearthstone "it will be the New Adventures of garkisen" or the expansion pack? There are players guess will open card trading system. What do you think of the players?相关的主题文章: