New century Gospel warrior ol today all platform first (video)

"Evangelion OL" today all platforms starting today, spades interactive’s strategic level for 2016, EVA licensed 3D Mobile Games "Evangelion" OL iOS, an Zhuoquan platform officially ushered in the first free! At 11 in the morning to open the server on time. The final placement of blood unit-01 [secret] struck spades EVA Mobile Games "Evangelion OL" to create the world’s largest unit-01, fans recall memories, stunning debut 2016ChinaJoy, EVA fans imitated photo, but also attracted EVA iron stars to the scene photo, the media have exposed section. Now in the game player eager anticipation, the largest settlement was finally identified, will be located in Shanghai Expo Park area, is currently in negotiation, negotiation is successful, we will be able to visit the Expo biggest unit-01. To celebrate the "Evangelion OL" the runaway starting platform, Shanghai "Youth Daily" is a full page to be occupied to send blessings, EVA unit-01 from everyone’s attention in the news, newspapers breakthrough dimension, runaway attack. [game] to bring a new experience to break the traditional reductive animation, "Evangelion" OL development team to EVA’s hometown in Hakone Japan, field sampling, third new Tokyo City, the fifth falls, Shinji Ikari school scene of Asuka meticulousdepiction reduction, and the top the 3D modeling technology, to create a new visual experience for the game player who 3D. At the same time in the story, the more stringent the invitation of the Japanese producer of copyright, and strive to achieve 100% reduction of animation. More importantly, in terms of gameplay, "new century Gospel warrior OL" breaks through tradition, innovation uses dual skill combat systems, commanders and EVA can match different skills to make the game more strategic. The apostles and apostolic intrusion cultivation, virtual training, and explore the city and a series of original play unfolds, let the game player directly in the human complement plan. The continuation of 21 years of faith, from the anime adaptation of Mobile Games, 2 years of experience make painstaking efforts carefully polished, "Evangelion" OL finally officially meet with the game player. Cool 3D scene, the original animation plot, familiar characters, and have great originality innovative gameplay, common casting out the burnt manga adaptation of God Mobile Games, commanders quickly join the battle showdown! The largest number of machines will be settled in the Shanghai Expo site for a long time, and soon we can come to the onlookers. Now the interactive "Evangelion OL" starting all platforms has been popular open! Call your little buddy and join the sequence of the apostles!相关的主题文章: