New urbanization construction foundation was not registered for the law

The construction of the new urbanization funds will not be banned JINGWAH registration Times News (reporter Wei Zhang Ning) yesterday morning, the construction fund is located at No. 48 Guanganmen South Street, the new town will be banned Chinese. The foundation is banned this year, the largest organization in the illegal foundation, had not registered in the Civil Affairs Department, the long-term illegal activities. At 10 yesterday morning, "China new urbanization construction funds on the signs have covered with red cloth, more than 1 thousand and 700 square meters of office premises, only four or five office staff, the corridor hung foundation to carry out research activities in Hunan, Hebei, Guangdong and other places of the text. According to legal procedures, law enforcement officers should notify all staff in the office of the assembly, the decision to ban the book. However, several staff members do not want to sign on the decision, law enforcement officers had to take the way of service to serve the decision. Law enforcement officials said that the ban is now in force, the organization shall not carry out activities in the name of the foundation, the site will also be closed down. If the parties to carry out activities in the name of the foundation, will face the punishment of detention. The foundation was established last year, in March this year, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau began to investigate the foundation, found that the foundation has not registered in the civil affairs department. "They say March formalities, can not provide confidential file. Until last week, the relevant departments have not received any application, and the person in charge of Ma Shuhong has refused to cooperate." It is understood that the horse is not claiming to be the former national development and Reform Commission planning division". But in October 20th this year, the national development and Reform Commission issued a document that the fund will not be under the national development and Reform Commission foundation, the Foundation Chairman Ma Shuhong is not the original our leadership, and remind the vigilant local and relevant units, to prevent fraud". Up to now, the city has banned 3 illegal foundation. Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau to remind the public, through the Civil Affairs Department website to identify the identity of the foundation and other social organizations.相关的主题文章: