Ningxia, a primary school 9 baby teachers adhere to give up the private high school salary (Figure)

Ningxia, a primary school 9 baby teachers adhere to give up the private school high pay (Figure) – in the primary and secondary school teachers and students in the. Back white shirt for the principal Zhou Qu, female teacher for Xu Li, and the other is teacher Huang Zhanzhong. There is a primary school in Helan County Gang Town, although only 9 students, but there are still 3 teachers for the children to this preaching tuition, music, sports, art, etc. a course does not fall. In May 31st this year, the school International Children’s Day Gala, teachers created 16 sets of environmental protection clothing with snakeskin bag, the children came to the catwalk, the unexpected results. Teachers sigh: as long as there are conditions and opportunities, our children are not bad." Today, let us follow the reporter walked into the volt primary school. For the 9 children to go to school to keep the school last semester, there are 16 students, but this semester some students after graduation, only 9 students." Said Zhou Qu, President of primary school. This is the beginning of the semester, Li Gang Town Center Primary School Principals Wu Xuening led the team members to pass multiple V primary school visits, found in Helan County in the northeast of the village of Tong Fu from the nearest primary school because of 8 km, 9 km away from Venus primary school. Once the merger of 9 children to have a lot of difficulties. Eventually, Wu Xuening decided to retain the primary school, by the teacher Zhou Qu, Xu Li, Huang Zhanzhong to teach. Wang Jiale’s grandfather knew that the school students are retained, with a sickle and shovels to the school duty to work for two days. The summer is full of weeds on campus by teachers and parents have to tidy up, full of vitality again. The child class PE custom practice hula hoop Tong Fu Master in primary school, Zhou Qu as the ideological and moral lesson teaching, Xu Li served as art language, English, music, education, sports, Huang Zhanzhong served as mathematics, science and computer teaching, whether it is writing on the blackboard or computer courseware are Goods are available in all varieties. Every Monday, they also like other primary school organization flag raising ceremony. Huang Zhanzhong said that too few students did bring some difficulties to the teaching. Such as physical education, even the two basketball team number is not enough, we have to explore the teaching subjects, the final selection of the hula hoop. Now every 9 pupils are master of the sport hula hoop, naturally became the primary school of Li Gang Zhen Tong Fu "reserve" program. Zhou Qu smile said: "in fact, few people have the advantage of our students’ homework are not home, in the school is written, the teacher to correct, learning achievement is not a left behind." When teachers and students love her simple to give up the city high salary for a Chinese and English Teaching of Xu Li is a temporary teacher, every day before class, she would burn a pot of hot water to the classroom for students to drink. After graduating from high school in 1989 to go to the podium, Xu Li is a station for 27 years. Although family and friends have advised her to, but she just couldn’t bear to the podium three: "I had taken two for teachers, but the results are poor, not admitted, there are lessons to teach, can when the teacher have felt very full! As long as a podium on everything, as long as the students see the results improve, than anything else相关的主题文章: