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North Korea nuclear test should take him how to do? 9 am, after the DPRK nuclear test in January this year, after a nuclear test, which is already the North’s fifth nuclear test, a serious threat to regional security. Why do not listen to North Korea, refused to pressure insisted on a nuclear test? The face has been off the reins of North Korea, including China and South Korea to the international community to do? CNN news reports after the North Korean nuclear test. Roundtable guests: Sun Ru Chinese Institute of contemporary international relations in world politics, deputy director of the Institute, Sina international world weekly special researcher Wang Junsheng is a senior fellow at Chinese, Pangu Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Asia Pacific and global strategy researcher fan Kat club member, China special research Pangu think tank, Academy of social Sciences Institute of American strategic director Hu Bo Pangu think tank, academic committee, Peking University Marine Research Institute researcher Sun Haichao distinguished academic committee, Chinese Pangu think tank’s former French embassy minister counsellor Liang Yabin, researcher at the Central Party School Pangu think tank, the International Institute for strategic studies professor, Sina international world weekly researcher Wang Chong Chahar association deputy secretary general, senior researcher, Sina international world weekly in the use of South Korea, North Korea, Sino US conflict Question: today’s test is the fifth nuclear test in North Korea, how to look at the background of the nuclear test, North Korea’s nuclear weapons technology is more advanced? Wang Junsheng: give the country, technology is certainly a more advanced. The first four tests showed a "miniaturization", "combat" trend, and the recent test of the target is clearly in the North Korean nuclear warheads on the vehicle to improve. Not long ago, North Korea’s submarine launched missile test success, which is a significant change in the vehicle, you can imagine what the rapid development of their vehicle means what? Is the actual combat nuclear weapons, miniaturization, placed on the missile head. According to the South Korean authorities assessment, perhaps this time the supply of ammunition is relatively large, the scale must be five times the biggest time, South Korea authoritative data is given by 10kt, and the United States that a Hiroshima in Japan dropped almost. As for the background of the trial, one of which is the Kim Jeong-eun regime misjudgment. Second, is the question of sa. In order to use the current North Korea Yijizhisi, South Korea, China because Sade caused the rift, and it is difficult to reach a unified front to counter the, a nuclear test. Third, it should be in the internal affairs of the dprk. Sun Ru: the nuclear test can be seen, North Korea continues to move toward the nuclear miniaturization, lightweight goal, which helps to improve the nuclear technology. North Korea has a nuclear device, but it has to be installed on the vehicle, North Korea in nuclear and missile two efforts. According to North Korea, the success, there should be progress, as far as the breakthrough, not to say. Last month, North Korea launched a successful test of submarine missiles, if there is a submarine nuclear bomb, then de failure. In the past three years to conduct a nuclear test, this time less than a year and once again, indicating that North Korea to accelerate the pace of nuclear power. North Korea by speeding up the "fly"相关的主题文章: