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Oatmeal = cereal? Oats are good, in the end how to choose, how to eat? The nutritional value of Sohu – contains maternal mother of six oat author | Lolo for both adults and children are a lot of benefits. But when you walk into the cereal shelf, you have no feeling of choice phobia can not be completely suppressed, and the variety of oats is simply dazzling. Today, we answer the question of how to choose oatmeal, how to eat? Oatmeal = cereal? Wheat = oat? Oatmeal and oat doesn’t know the mother estimates there are many, but the sisters must remember is cereal grains including corn, wheat, rye and oats, tablets and so on. In a word, belong to the Oatmeal Cereal, but not necessarily oatmeal cereal. So what is the root of the red seedlings are pure oats? We look down slowly. First of all, do you know oats? It, since it is deeply loved by adults and children; it is a very healthy cereal, the best choice for breakfast staple food; it has a high fiber characteristics, is a source of high protein. Yeah, it’s oats. Oats are one of the most nutritious whole grains. There is a high content of beta glucan in oat. (PS: beta glucan, can regulate the stomach, lower blood fat, lower cholesterol). This is a soluble dietary fiber, in the body is not easy to be digested and absorbed, will bring full satiety. With this in mind, oats is definitely a good choice for weight loss diet. The protein content of pure oats is highest in cereals, and every 100 grams of oats contains about 15 grams of protein, which is a good source of protein. Oats suitable for children to eat it? The answer is yes, oats are rich in dietary fiber, the ability to digest a small baby is a good choice, oats, dietary fiber can be used to help slowly adjust the stomach. (PS: for the digestive ability of the weak baby, the dietary fiber should be appropriate intake, excessive will cause gastrointestinal discomfort). Is oats safe? Oats are generally safe, resulting in a lower risk of allergies. Of course, the baby to eat something we must be careful, therefore it is suggested that the first baby food list add oats, must be based on the principle of complementary feeding, by adding volume, observe whether there is an allergic reaction, such as allergy can add. If you are allergic to the baby when you eat oats must be careful to start slowly from a small increase, and pay attention to the allergic reaction. But oat itself is not gluten free, although sometimes in planting or processing may stick on a bit of other cereals and other cereals, gluten, but can be treated differently, mild to gluten allergy or intolerance, can try. How can a child eat oats? Add a food supplement can be added at any time after the food list, but don’t forget to confirm whether the baby no allergy. Just to add complementary babies, you can start from the finished Rice noodles try oats. If it is made of oat rice paste, we can consider the instant oatmeal is going to introduce to, and make sure the soft boiled boiled. -相关的主题文章: