Off the road in the field of the car crashed into the bus station 6 police the driver wearing slippe-vidalia

SUV place fierce turn hit 6 bus station police: driver wearing slippers – Sohu news September 19th, a section of Hubei Yichang SUV "circles" hit the bus station over a pedestrian video in micro-blog communication. Surging news (confirmed) from the Yichang Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau, the accident caused 3 people were injured in hospital (another 3 people are not admitted), after investigation, ruled out the driver involved drug driving, drunk driving, wearing slippers and driving system of improper operation, causing the vehicle out of control. Monitoring shows a 16 second video, a white SUV suddenly rushed onto the sidewalk and hit the stairs, then turn back again, then rushed to the bus station on the roadside waiting for the bus number of pedestrians, other passers-by fleeing to escape. An eyewitness told the surging news, off-road vehicles Lianzhuang with collision caused 6 people were hit, hit two cars, then the ambulance arrived, "some people were taken to hospital, but it looks like there is no danger". After the incident, there are users post questioned, the driver drank the wine. However, this statement was denied by the police. Yichang City Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau through the official micro-blog @ Hubei Yichang police informed that, on the 19 day at 7:20 PM, the Zheng (Changyang County male, aged 31, Hubei E33J**) driving small cars in the city, Stadium Road, Three Gorges Vocational College Road vehicle is started, because wearing slippers and other traffic violations, and operation improperly, causing the vehicle out of control, hit a roadside pedestrians, killing 3 people injured in traffic accidents, injuries are minor cases. Currently, being in hospital for observation and treatment. The investigation, has ruled out the driving Jeong drug driving, drunk driving offense. Cause of the accident is under investigation.相关的主题文章: