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The official response to the Juye court administrative micro-blog "quite" Ma Rong: personal behavior – Beijing October 31st, Sina micro-blog real hot search list screenshot mass network Ji’nan on October 31st news today, "Juye county court behind Ma Rong" on the Sina micro-blog hot search list, after the court of Juye Heze county administrative micro-blog issued a call for micro-blog. Baoqiang Wang "drive away his mother child", triggering a collective siege comment. This afternoon, the public network reporter from the Heze Municipal Intermediate People’s court learned that on the same day, Juye County Court issued the relevant administrative micro-blog micro-blog and Baoqiang Wang divorce, the individual does not represent the unauthorized release, the official attitude, the Heze intermediate people’s court has intervened and the relevant personnel for processing, the specific situation announced later. October 31st morning, Dazhong reporter to interview the Juye county court official micro-blog "behind Ma Rong" incident, and by telephone, mail and other means of micro-blog, trying to contact the Juye County People’s court, but as of now, the phone is still in the "can not be connected or no answer, nor by other ways to respond to the reporter. Today at 16 PM, the public network reporter linked to the Heze City Intermediate People’s court, a staff member confirmed to reporters, Juye county court official micro-blog released events involving Baoqiang Wang Ma Rong such information is true, but the micro-blog has been deleted. Currently, the Heze intermediate people’s court has been involved in the matter, is being processed. When a reporter asked whether the micro-blog on behalf of the Juye county court official, the staff said that the micro-blog personal unauthorized release, they have to deal with the relevant personnel, details will be announced later. This afternoon, the public network reporter found that the Juye County People’s court official micro-blog @ Heze Juye county court is still being commented on the state of siege. Because of the micro-blog Baoqiang Wang Ma Rong to have been removed, netizens went to the administrative micro-blog the latest release of several micro-blog comments below, the once "behind" the words to denounce Ma rong. As of press time reporter, the relevant comments have nearly 9000 comments. Reporters learned that, Baoqiang Wang Rong Rong divorce on October 18th in Beijing Chaoyang Court held a meeting before the court, the case will be held in the first session of the next hearing in early November. (Dazhong – Shandong 24 hours client reporter Fan Sisi)相关的主题文章: