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This Thursday, oil or meet the two rising rate will be the biggest year reporter from a number of social monitoring agency learned that the recent long and short messages intertwined, international oil prices at around $47 a barrel to $49 in the industry to determine the short-term shocks, there is still room for growth, this Thursday (September 1st) the domestic retail price of refined oil or in the two rising, in the range of 300 yuan tons, will be one of the biggest years. Welcome domestic oil prices since the August 18th increase in the fifth year, the Federal Reserve Chairman (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Yellen and vice president Fisher’s speech boosted during the year is expected to raise interest rates, the dollar rebounded, however, the United States this week the number of active drilling oil unchanged from last week, ending eight consecutive weeks of gains. For oil bulls has brought a certain degree of confidence, but the market is expected in the informal meeting held in September, OPEC members and other major oil producing countries or output to reach an agreement. Under this, international crude oil prices remain at $47 to $49 a barrel shock. As of August 25th closing, the New York Mercantile Exchange in October delivery of light crude oil futures prices rose $0.56 to close at $47.33 a barrel, up to $1.2%. Brent crude oil futures for October delivery rose $0.62 to settle at $49.67 a barrel, up from $1.3%. The current round of valuation cycle, crude oil spot market prices fell 1.46 percentage points overall, but the average price rose by more than a percentage point over the previous cycle, so the current round of crude oil change rate has been a positive continuation." Longzhong information oil analyst Wang Qianqian said that the international oil price will rise slightly, is expected in the current round of oil price increase may eventually remain at 300 tons, equivalent to 93 of the price of gasoline and diesel prices rose 0.23 yuan, equivalent to 0# of 0.26 yuan, will become one of the biggest annual adjustment 2016. Information Analyst Meng Peng predicted the increase rate is also 300 yuan per ton. He said Thursday after the implementation of domestic oil prices, the domestic retail price of gasoline will be compared with the beginning of the first price adjustment after the price rose 0.8 yuan, greatly. If a tank is 50L car as an example, to fill a box of oil will increase over the year 40 yuan, residents travel costs greatly increased. Increase is expected to form a certain support for the domestic oil market. JOYOU information monitoring data show that in August 29th, the national gasoline and diesel prices overall remained stable and rising trend, East China, North China, Yangtze River and the southwestern part of the main oil prices rose 50 yuan to 200 yuan ton; only northwest individual market prices declined slightly. Shandong to refining, refining gasoline prices steady rise, some manufacturers raised 20 yuan to 30 yuan a ton, and diesel prices continue to push up 30 yuan to 80 yuan tons, the market continued to improve; the Northeast refining gasoline and diesel prices also showed a steady and rising trend, rose 50 yuan to 100 yuan ton. "Despite the end of the month, but the landlord monthly camp to complete the sales task better, sale will is not strong, the industry market enthusiasm is poor, the market is expected to post the stalemate slightly, gasoline and diesel prices up space is limited, or will continue to steady consolidation.相关的主题文章: