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Old history PK new life Beijing old alley can also be such a transformation? Beijing – Beijing in September 27 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Pang Wuji) as the famous architect Liang Sicheng said, "Beijing is the masterpiece of city plan", but in the past few decades during the process of modernization, the ancient capital of the Orient development faster than the planners and architects and policymakers expected and a few degrees facing huge impact brought by social changes. How to protect and develop the old city of Beijing has become the focus of experts and scholars in recent years. Hutong Culture is one of the characteristics of Beijing. The gray walls and gray tiles are like a folk custom museum, which branded the people’s social life. How to let the old Hu Tonghuan new, but do not lose the original style of many building designers become a hotly debated topic. Tsinghua University School of Architecture Professor Bian LAN spring 27 in the "2016 Beijing International Design Week Qianmen Eastern Branch of the field" building forum said that the need to consider the reconstruction of historic district protection, the overall style of historical relics, and the continuation of the development of social life, paying particular attention to the primary characteristics of respect blocks. However, the overall protection of the historical landscape should be considered phased implementation, can not expect it overnight, want to be able to take a short 3-5 time all the history of the district ‘pick up’ is unrealistic". Beijing Architectural Design Institute Co. Ltd., deputy chief architect Wu Chen in Dashilan transformation of Beijing square as an example, puts forward the planning implementation, to keep the original inhabitants of the commercial marketplace form, way of life, the old Beijing Street commercial and cultural continuity, strive to realize the unification of people’s livelihood, environment protection and economic development. Beijing Architectural Design Institute Co. Ltd. (BIAD) chairman and chief architect Zhu Xiaodi also pointed out here, the value of architectural heritage is different from the ordinary cultural relics, from the beginning until today in the construction period of historical accumulation, therefore, the simple pursuit of authenticity will make the protection of traditional blocks into a stalemate. The transformation to the Beijing Institute of architectural design in front of four grass plant No. 36 Institute as an example, the original courtyard long uninhabited, dilapidated courtyard, wall spalling, load-bearing structure instability. After combing, save the yard complete historical information, the house was transformed into a modern can meet the use function of the glass house, but the original structure, courtyard layout, window sash, grille, post etc. be preserved parts are wholly intact to stay, to keep the memory of history. Reporter walked into the courtyard of 36 found that the room warm and bright, modern facilities available, but mottled walls and columns, as well as the old courtyard layout still shows the historical imprint of the yard. Zhu Xiaodi said that in the future can become a comic book library, children play and feel the history of space. It is understood that the 2016 Beijing International Design Week Qianmen Eastern branch field site — the eastern front door grass factory district is one of Beijing’s 25 pieces of historic district. BIAD in the transformation focused on finding the possibility of new life into the old alley in the exploration and put forward the "new zayuan" concept, the 26 courtyard building space, municipal facilities change)相关的主题文章: