Online check the piano missing homefront

Online check piano "missing" carrier missing certified no car may first have problems on logistics platform audit denied before, Ms. Guo published an article from Beijing to Guangdong to transport the piano in the first information logistics platform, carrier Yang after orders lost, the piano also disappeared. After the event, Ms. Guo found in the first logistics site Yang multiple documents have not been certified. The day before yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter and the carrier to get in touch, the other side admits no truck, the piano just shipped. First logistics public relations department, said the platform audit no problem. Since then, Ms. Guo feedback to reporters, the carrier took the initiative to call her not to call the police, and the first platform to inform her that she no longer help to recover the piano. Overdue delivery drivers actually lost lives in Shenzhen, Ms. Guo said to reporters, the day before her in a shop in Beijing to spend 4500 yuan to buy a piano, and released the first transport demand through the logistics platform, a Yangxing received a single carrier. That provided in Guo’s freight transport contract on September 22nd Yang from Beijing store to pick up, agreed due to arrive at Shenzhen on September 25th. But three days later, Guo did not even see the shadow of the piano. "I hastened to call Yang, he said that the goods have been to Shenzhen tomorrow, but second days before shipment, Yang can not contact". Reporters from the record calls and text messages to see Ms. Guo, 26 days after she lost contact with yang. "My first reaction was that the driver ran off and called the police". Lack of authentication information out of the two drivers in the local police to allow Ms. Yang to provide details of the Yang, she found that through the first logistics site can only see each other’s name and telephone. The identity of the broker in the case of a single Yang certification column, only the identification of the identity card, and business license, business card and so on have not been certified, and also can not see the details of its identity card image. In addition, the site generated in the transport contract, Yang’s driver’s license, driving license, the head is also located in the non certified column. In addition, see Guo Yang from taking the piano to the shop on the receipt, the name, telephone and the first information on the different logistics. The reporter saw, Guo provide receipt photos displayed as "Lee", shows that the mobile phone number and the last two different sites. Reporters call the number on the receipt, the other said not logistics personnel, neither name nor Lee yang. Audit was questioned platform does not recognize Ms. Guo will reflect the situation to the first logistics, customer service told me that the carrier’s information can not be disclosed. If the police need to ask them directly. I questioned their audit process, they said that the future will strengthen management". The day before yesterday, the reporter opened the driver Yang’s phone, he said the piano just shipped from Beijing, "a few days ago no trucks, so the delay. My cell phone signal is not good, can’t get the phone". When a reporter asked the real name, the other said "I am surnamed Li, with company phone number". In this regard, the first logistics public relations, Mr. Peng responded, we just do platform matchmaking transaction". As for Ms. Guo questioned the carrier information audit, Mr. Peng said only audit no problem". Students相关的主题文章: