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Only $10.24, save you at the end of "anxiety" – Sohu technology geeks Park micro signal: geekpark GIF 2017 Q4 less than two months this year, the KPI may not complete the task, 2017 of the performance is far to "Say Hello". Around more than a friend began to complain "confused" life, going to get through this winter, spring to choose a "good child". After the change in various kinds of combination and flying under, you can find their own position? Is the same anxiety? At the beginning of the winter capital hasn’t broken, but spring is not in sight; O2O almost disappeared; VR has come, go in a hurry; net about car story from war to peace, but ultimately not "depressed". But AI fire, live fire, sharing the bike also fire…… Is that the more you want to change or change the world, the more you see it, the more you see it? Do you still have the confidence and patience to wait for the arrival of a "real air" that does not know when and where to take place? If you don’t want to worry, you must first see the road. Forget who said that in the dark, the most important thing is to see the road. At present, the trend of reading and understanding the nature of things is always 10000%. You will say, "9-9-6, or 10-10-7, how can there be time to care about something that is not close at hand? "I know, I know, so we got you this: we use half the time, from the domestic and foreign outstanding innovators, scientists, thinkers, creators, explorer, screening of hundreds of you share it with 72 hours, in January 2017 13-15, 3 days, and you talk, in some unknown corner, which will have a significant impact on the change is happening? What are some of the most cutting-edge technology innovation is a geek most should know? And what is the next key to these technologies? How does creativity release productivity? The real creation out of the ordinary geeks is how to understand and think about their products, technology, business, and the world?…… The most important thing is that all of this, in the end what is the relationship with you? If you have to park every year before the geeks Innovation Conference, if you remember those years (Eric Schmidt Alphabet, executive chairman of Steve Wozniak (Apple), Ray Kurzweil (co-founder) singularity University Founder & Travis Kalanick (principal), founder of Uber & CEO), Robin Li, Liu Qiangdong, Wang Xing, Lei Jun Zhang Yiming, Luo Yonghao…… Will this year, produced the "geeks Park hesuipian" will not let you down, have inspired the fun,相关的主题文章: