Overseas investment the first half of the huge loss of 7 billion 700 million yuan year-on-year by CN ekdv-273

Overseas investment by CNOOC in the first half of the huge loss of 7 billion 700 million yuan fell 152% overseas investment frustrated, Chinese’s largest offshore oil and gas producer – China Offshore Oil Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CNOOC, 00883.HK) the first half of the performance decline, net loss of 7 billion 740 million yuan. This is also the first loss since 2001, CNOOC’s first half results. In August 24th, CNOOC Exchange released the first half of 2016 earnings in Hong Kong, the first half of CNOOC’s net oil and gas production (an increase of 0.6% over the same period last year), up to 241 million 500 thousand barrels of oil equivalent; the first half of the oil and gas sales revenue 55 billion 80 million yuan, down 28.5%; net profit of -77.4 billion yuan, down 152.5%. For the huge loss of the phenomenon, according to CNOOC’s earnings, except for reasons of international oil prices fell, the cause of the company’s net loss of 7 billion 740 million yuan in the first half of CNOOC is the main asset impairment and provision of about 10 billion 390 million yuan, while the same period in 2015 the only 1 billion 385 million yuan. Choi reported that 10 billion 390 million yuan impairment loss is mainly related to the company confirmed in North America, Europe and Africa oil, cause of impairment is expected to estimate the price of crude oil and oil sands in Canada fixed asset management plan adjustment. The recoverable amount is based on the use value of the oil field or oil field group. Results also showed that affected by the decline in international crude oil prices, the company in the first half of the average oil price of $37.70 barrels, down 34.5%; the average realized natural gas price of $5.49 per thousand cubic feet, down 16.2%, mainly due to the second half of 2015 Chinese government lowered the price of natural gas, gas prices in China. Oil and gas sales revenue was 55 billion 80 million yuan, down by 28.5%. In addition, the same day the results of the first half of the announcement of the oil performance is poor, the first half net profit fell 98%, but still earned $531 million. This is mainly because the business of CNOOC plate mainly in oil and gas upstream, downstream refining sector is rarely involved, affected by the decline in international oil prices is relatively large. PetroChina’s performance in the first half of this year, the operating profit is the best oil refining and chemical sector. In the first half of 2016, the sector achieved operating profit of 27 billion 474 million yuan, an increase of RMB 4 billion 657 million yuan in the first half of the year, compared to RMB 22 billion 817 million yuan. It is worth noting that, in addition to CNOOC, the China Offshore Oil Corporation’s most listed platform, the first half of China National Offshore Oil Corporation’s other listed companies is expected to not ideal results. China Oilfield Services Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "service", 601808.SH) July 25th announcement, expected net profit in the first half loss of 8 billion 400 million yuan, the company net profit of 895 million yuan last year. COSL with this huge losses on the A shares temporarily Yukui wang. CNOOC chairman Yang Hua said in the earnings report, the second half of 2016, there are still many uncertainties in the international and domestic economic environment, international oil prices rise further.相关的主题文章: